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I am stopping with this site. If you want to take over the site with domain name get in touch, e-mail address below.

The Virtual Bookcase : Welcome

Welcome to The Virtual Bookcase.

The site about reviews of books. Reviews submitted by you, the visitor of this site. A site about reading books and about sharing information about books and reviews of those books. A bookcase that you can browse 'virtually' 24 hours a day and where you can share what books you like and what you think about books. You can browse the shelves like browsing a library, just by looking at what's there. The books have scores given by the visitors of the site, reviews and links to on-line bookshops to look at prices.

You are welcome to add the books you like, add your own review(s) or just vote for a book. Or just browse around.

Authors/publishers of books are especially welcome to add their books. If you have more then just a few books to add contact the webmaster via e-mail so we can work out how to add your books easier. I also accept review copies of books for reviewing them for the site. Get in touch with me via e-mail and I'll reply for books that interest me.

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