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Authors Bill Lessard and Steve Baldwin neatly summarize the operating principle behind NetSlaves: "People are nuts, no matter what profession they're in, but people forced to work like dogs with the carrot stick of stock options and 'untold' wealth dangling under their noses are especially nuts." If all you know about the Internet business is what you've read in the financial press, then NetSlaves provides a cold slap of reality. For every headline-making company like Yahoo! or, there are hundreds or perhaps even thousands more like the ones Net vets Lessard and Baldwin have worked for. These are the startups that never finish up, companies that hire hundreds of programmers and Web-site designers and techies of all stripes, then ... Rest of this review on the detail page
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This book serves as a very complete documentation of Netscape Navigator. It starts from the beginning. For once, the section on getting a connection to the Internet actually has some good advice, although you'll still need to know your way around a modem to make the connection. The organization makes some sense, in terms of the things that novice users are most likely to want to do first, although some important points on configuration are relegated to the end in favour of some early surfing. "Helper applications" are given a high priority. Use of Netscape to access other Internet applications (ftp, gopher, news, and so forth) is also covered. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1996
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This book is a very serviceable guide to the use of Netscape, and the World Wide Web as a whole. Explanations of use are clear and straightforward. The material is, at the user level, quite complete. Chapter six lists a number of helpful tips and hints. There are chapters on basic HTML (HyperText Markup Language), Web search sites, and other related topics. So far so good, and I would recommend this book as a very solid first step for those new to Netscape. The authors, however, feel that they have gone beyond the user level, and have provided "useful technical information" about advanced and specialized topics. There *is* mention, and even discussion, of areas such as caching, MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), and sec... Rest of this review on the detail page
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foreword by Ronald Rice The vast, international web of computer networks that is the Internet offers millions of users the opportunity to exchange electronic mail, photographs, and sound clips; to search databases for books, CDs, cars, and term papers; to participate in real-time audio- and video-conferencing; and to shop for products both virtual and physical. This huge conglomerate of links, hyperlinks, and virtual links is not just a technology for linking computers--it is a medium for communication. The convergence of computer and communication technologies creates a social convergence as well. People meet in chat rooms and discussion groups to converse on everything from auto mechanics to postmodern art. Networked groups form virtually... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Although the Internet comes first in the list on the cover, this book is really about a select group of commercial databases and online services. Within that context, however, Bates has provided a thorough and useful guide. If you want to use DataStar, DataTimes, DIALOG, Dow Jones, LEXIS/NEXIS, or Newsnet, you will find basic information, a description of services, commands, tips, a description of proprietary software (where available), and some evaluation and analysis. Similar information, with greatly expanded annotation, is provided for America Online, CompuServe, Microsoft Network, and Prodigy. The Internet is worth a book (or more) itself, of course. Even the brief chapter given to it, though, shows that Bates is nowhere near a... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (1) and details of The Online Deskbook: Online Magazine's Essential Desk Reference for Online and Internet Searchers
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