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What the heck, I mean, some of my *relatives* are real estate agents. But, you must admit, this is a pretty specialized interest. When one has been reviewing books for a while, one gets a bit cynical about specialized topics. Not to worry. Kersnar has done an excellent job of presenting the net in a realistic, detailed, and helpful fashion. Although the book does present case studies of realty companies connecting to the net, it doesn't fall into the trap of becoming simply a series of Web site screen shots. (Than which there is nothing more boring.) Email is given primacy--as it should, given that email is the most immediately useful resource. The overview of software tools even includes the all important, but often unmentioned,... Rest of this review on the detail page
(Review by Rob Slade)
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Reviews (1) and details of Netsuccess: How Real Estate Agents Use the Internet

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What can you find out online about others? What can anyone find out about you? Quite a lot. Carole Lane shows you both how and why in this encyclopedic book. Naked in Cyberspace reveals the personal records available on the Net and demonstrates both how they are used and how to use them. Lane further examines the issue of Net privacy, noting what information is not available to the average searcher and discussing what safeguards protect you from unwarranted intrusion. This is an important work for anyone who values both privacy and information.
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Reviews (2) and details of Naked in Cyberspace: How to Find Personal Information Online

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Out of the millions of Web sites out there, this lists four thousand. (The majority of them are at universities, and simply listed.) Some are useful, some are important, some are the home pages of small companies. Intriguingly, I couldn't find any search engines listed. Entries are divided into a couple of dozen categories (art, business, cities, etc.), but not further subdivided. A few introductory pages provide next to no help on using the Web. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1997
(Review by Rob Slade)
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Reviews (1) and details of New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages/1995/Book and Disk

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Will the real "Yellow Pages" please stand up? Is it this one? Hahn and Stout's original "Internet Yellow Pages" ? NIS (Network Information Services, the "yp" programs)? I suppose it doesn't matter: we'll see all manner of "yellow pages" over time. This outfit, the McKinley Group, is certainly serious about the task. All entries have a standard format with title, rating (zero to four STARs--yes, they made an acronym of it), brief description, keywords, audience, and user information, ending with a URL (Universal Resource Locator) listing. Once you get used to it, this is a very quick overview containing almost everything you need. For old hands at the Internet, this is a very handy resource. For newcomers, it might be a bit ters... Rest of this review on the detail page
(Review by Rob Slade)
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Reviews (1) and details of New Riders' Official Internet Yellow Pages

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Reveals the secrets of creating tables, forms, backgrounds, and much more with HTML's extended features. Gets you up and running with Netscape's latest features, enhancements, and plug-ins. Covers the hottest Web development topics: Java applets, CGI, frames,JavaScript, and more. Includes step-by-step instructions for creating attention-getting Web pages with HTML. Contains previously undocumented ways to customize and configure Netscape. Includes CD-ROM with HomePage Creator and a variety of HTML editors for easily creating home pages; sample HTML documents and templates, including an HTML style guide; Web publishing goodies, including images, icons, symbols, audio and video clips; and full-featured plug-ins, including graphics viewers, in... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (2) and details of The New Netscape & HTML EXplorer: Everything You Need to Get the Most out of Netscape and the Web
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