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Mary Cronin wrote the very first book about doing business on the Internet, and her latest contribution continues in her pioneering and practical efforts at explaining the net to practical-minded managers. This is a collection of ten essays written by information managers and consultants for information managers and consultants. Includes contributions from high level employees of Genentech, Dow Jones, Digital, and Lockheed, among other high-powered and effective users of information technologies.
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Reviews (2) and details of The Internet Strategy Handbook

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Randall is aware of the fact that there are many Internet guides out there. Thus, he is eager to distinguish this book from the rest of the pack. He does not, as one might suspect from the title, suggest this as a workbook for a three-week course in Internet exploration. Instead, he stresses that this work demonstrates the use of combinations of tools. In fact, he repeats his assertion that you need not have access to the Internet in order to use this book. The volume is structured into twenty-one chapters, named "Day 1" through "Day 21". The first two give an overview of the Internet's scope and background. Days three through seven are basic (and sometimes *very* short) introductions to email, mailing lists, newsgroups, ftp, arch... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (1) and details of Teach Yourself the Internet Around the World in 21 Days

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There is good advice here for the business that wants to make use of the Internet. It may, however, be frustrating for the busy reader to have to mine that information out of verbiage and repetitive material. The book starts strongly. Right up front, business people are warned that "You can't distribute empty puffery," and that the decentralized nature of the net may make it frustrating to deal with. Chapter one is a decent, quick introduction to Internet applications. Chapter two provides an idea of the options for getting a connection. Beyond that, however, much of the material is vague, verbose and repetitious. The organization is poor. (Chapter two comes before later discussions of the benefits of providing information on the n... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (1) and details of The Internet Business Guide: Riding the Information Superhighway to Profit

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The preface is not particularly clear about what the purpose of this book is, nor the audience for whom it is written. The tome is asserted to be "action research," while other statements seem to imply that it is a partial report on some of the work that is actually being done in promoting social action using the Internet. In view of the stated intention to base the book on actual occurrence, it is ironic that chapter one relies so heavily on models of social theory, and so little on real studies. In the discussion of virtual communities, for example, the opinions of Postman's "Technopoly" and Rheingold's "The Virtual Community" figure prominently and the reportage of Cohill and Kavanaugh's "Community Networks" (Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (1) and details of In the Net: An Internet Guide for Activists

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NetCruiser Logo An enthusiastic look at the Internet for kids, teachers, and parents. Fun and educational online activities include finding an Internet pen pal, exploring other countries via the Internet, viewing NASA images of planets, communicating with experts, doing science experiments, participating in discussions and forums, playing online games, and much more. Includes a customized version of NetCruiser for convenient, inexpensive Internet access and use.
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