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Since the 20th century, technology plays a growing role in our daily lives.

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High-definition television (HDTV) will dramatically increase the quality of the display of traditional television as well as the much-anticipated set-top-box computer/television hybrids. And every major electronics company--and the U.S. and Japanese governments--is already imagining the unimaginably large financial rewards to be reaped by those lucky enough to have perfected the right gear at the right time: just about every piece of hardware in the television industry will be replaced or supplanted, from your television to the international broadcast infrastructure. Brinkley's book introduces us to the major instituti... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (2) and details of Defining Vision: The Battle for the Future of Television

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Cell Towers and hidden "stealth" antennas are cropping up all over, despite vehement objections from community members. Health & safety questions arise, but are often dismissed by the very people entrusted to protect community welfare - planners and zoners - who have been told they cannot consider such questions. But safety concerns about radio frequency radiation (called RF) used in all wireless technology, spans decades. Those concerns have yet to be resolved despite our increasing exposures. "Cell Towers" cuts through the rhetoric to address the complex issues of low-level RF. With chapters contributed by prominent res... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (2) and details of Cell Towers, Wireless Convenience? Or Environmental Hazard?

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Storage media may have come and gone, but the "killer" technology has finally arrived: DVD (Digital Video Disk). Its 4.7 gigabytes of storage per disk (CD offers 650) make it the imminent successor to audio CD, videocassette, laserdics, and CD-ROM. Here's the first plain-English guide to help professionals cut through the highly technical standards documents and really get to grips with working and designing with DVD, including hardware and software requirements, Internet applications, next generation technology, and much more. Includes a DVD-ROM with product demos.
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Reviews (2) and details of Dvd Demystified: The Guidebook for Dvd-Video and Dvd-Rom

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Is your CD player skipping tracks? PC keyboard locking up? Cordless phone full of static? Get those electronic babies up and running perfectly with this handy do-it-yourself introduction to basic home-and-office electronics repair. From audio/video equipment to cameras, cordless and cellular phones, personal computers, and peripherals, it helps everyone Ieven those with no prior electronics experience) troubleshoot and find solutions. Includes safety tips, easy-to-read schematics, block diagrams, and time-saving information on the most common problems and fixes.
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Reviews (2) and details of How Electronic Things Work. . .And What to Do When They Don't
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