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The Virtual Bookcase started as a few pages (My Virtual Bookcase) about my books as part of my homepage at xs4all. I started to link with the Amazon webserver in order to give more information about the books and earn a bit in return in the mean time. My work also involved virtual libraries using websites (and real librarians) at the time so I knew a few things about books on the web.

Since then the site grew and did not get the attention it deserved at its little place. One day I checked the availability of the domain name and found out to my surprise it was available. So, I registered the name and started working on a new and bigger site hosted on my own server. Named 'The Virtual Bookcase' (subtle change) so I could work on adding your own books and reviews.

Some people deserve special mention for their help with the site, giving comments and constructive criticism.

For the interested people: the site runs on an Apache webserver that I control myself and the webpages are generated statically using perl5 scripts or dynamically using php4. All data is stored in a PostgreSQL database.
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