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Books published by Addison-Wesley Pub Co

Kerberos: A Network Authentication System
Javaż Programming Language, The by Ken Arnold, James Gosling
Ipng Internet Protocol Next Generation by Scott O. Bradner, Allison Mankin
Confessions of a Used Program Salesman: Institutionalizing Software Reuse
Practical Issues in Database Management: A Reference for the Thinking Practitioner
Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics by Steve Wilson, Jeff Kesselman
Inside the C++ Object Model
Pattern Languages of Program Design by James O. Coplien, Douglas C. Schmidt
Windows Nt Registry Guide by Weiying Chen, Wayne Berry
The New C Standard published October 2003
High Integrity Software: The SPARK Approach to Safety and Security published April 2003
Firewalls and Internet Security: Repelling the Wily Hacker, Second Edition by William R. Cheswick, Steven M. Bellovin, Aviel D. Rubin published February 2003
Computer Security: Art and Science published December 2002
Understanding PKI: Concepts, Standards, and Deployment Considerations, Second Edition by Carlisle Adams, Steve Lloyd published November 2002
Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering published October 2002
A Guide to Forensic Testimony: The Art and Practice of Presenting Testimony As An Expert Technical Witness by Fred Chris Smith, Rebecca Gurley Bace published October 2002
Secure XML: The New Syntax for Signatures and Encryption by Donald E. Eastlake, Kitty Niles published July 2002
Managing Information Security Risks: The OCTAVE Approach by Christopher Alberts, Audrey Dorofee published July 2002
Have You Locked the Castle Gate?: Home and Small Business Computer Security published April 2002
Securing Business Information: Strategies to Protect the Enterprise and Its Network by Chrisitan F. Byrnes, Dale Kutnick published January 2002
Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X published December 2001
Authentication: From Passwords to Public Keys published October 2001
Computer Forensics : Incident Response Essentials by Warren G. Kruse II, Jay G. Heiser published September 2001
Know Your Enemy: Revealing the Security Tools, Tactics, and Motives of the Blackhat Community published August 2001
The Practice of System and Network Administration by Thomas A. Limoncelli, Christine Hogan published August 2001
White-Hat Security Arsenal: Tackling the Threats published June 2001
The CERT Guide to System and Network Security Practices published June 2001
Network Programming with Perl published December 2000
Cryptography Decrypted by H. X. Mel, Doris M. Baker published December 2000
FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide published December 2000
SSL and TLS: Designing and Building Secure Systems published October 2000
The Art of Objects: Object-Oriented Design and Architecture (The Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series) published October 2000
Planning Extreme Programming (The XP Series) by Kent Beck, Martin Fowler published October 2000
Extreme Programming Installed by Ron Jeffries, Ann Anderson, Chet Hendrickson published October 2000
Inside Internet Security: What Hackers Don't Want You To Know published August 2000
Software Engineering published August 2000
Essential XML: Beyond MarkUp by Don Box, Aaron Skonnard, John Lam published July 2000
Mobile Communications by Jochen Schiller, Dr. Jochen Schiller published January 2000
NFS Illustrated (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series) published December 1999
IP Telephony: Packet-Based Multimedia Communications Systems by Olivier Hersent, David Gurle, Jean-Pierre Petit published December 1999
Designing Wide Area Networks and Internetworks: A Practical Guide. published October 1999
Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Chang published October 1999
Interconnections: Bridges, Routers, Switches, and Internetworking Protocols (2nd Edition) published October 1999
Designing Storage Area Networks published September 1999
Implementing ADSL published August 1999
The Indispensable PC Hardware Book: Your Hardware Questions Answered (3rd Edition) published June 1999
Removing the Spam: Email Processing and Filtering (Addison-Wesley Networking Basics Series) published March 1999
Connecting to the Internet: A Practical Guide About LAN-Internet Connectivity published February 1999
Information Warfare and Security published December 1998
The Mother of All Windows 98 Books by Woody Leonhard, Barry Simon, Barry Simone published October 1998
The Art of Computer Programming, Volumes 1-3 Boxed Set published October 1998
Windows Nt & Unix: Administration, Coexistence, Integration & Migration by G. Robert Williams, Ellen Beck Gardner published March 1998
BUGS in Writing: A Guide to Debugging Your Prose (2nd Edition) published February 1998
Internet 101 published January 1998
The Year 2000 Software Problem: Quantifying the Costs and Assessing the Consequences by Capers Jones, Casper Jones published January 1998
Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs With Perl by Joseph N. Hall, Randal L. Schwartz published December 1997
Effective Tcl/Tk Programming : Writing Better Programs with Tcl and Tk by Mark Harrison, Michael McLennan published December 1997
A Programmer's Guide to Sound published October 1997
Internet Besieged by Dorothy E. Denning, Peter J. Denning published October 1997
Internet Cryptography published January 1997
An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking published January 1997
The Addison-Wesley Science Handbook (Helix Books) by Gordon J. Coleman, David Dewar published January 1997
Creating Dynamic Web Sites: A Webmaster's Guide to Interactive Multimedia published January 1997
The Complete Works of Shakespeare published January 1997
Windows Nt Security Guide published December 1996
How to Set-Up and Maintain a Web Site (2nd Edition) published December 1996
The Concise SGML Companion published November 1996
Javaż Tutorial, The: Object-Oriented Programming for the Internet by Mary Campione, Kathy Walrath published August 1996
Ruminations on C++ : A Decade of Programming Insight and Experience by Andrew Koenig, Barbara E. Moo, Barbara E. MooEditor published August 1996
On to Java by Patrick Henry Winston, Sundar Narasimhan, James Rigney published July 1996
Html 3: Electronic Publishing on the World Wide Web by Dave Raggett, Jenny Lam, Ian Alexander, Jenny Lamb published June 1996
Bringing Design to Software by Terry Winograd, John BennettEditor, Laura De YoungEdtedt, Brad HartfieldEditor published April 1996
New Community Networks: Wired for Change by Douglas Schuler, Tom Stone published April 1996
The Underground Guide to Troubleshooting PC Hardware: Slightly Askew Advice on Maintaining, Repairing, and Upgrading your PC published March 1996
Active Java: Object-Oriented Programming for the World Wide Web by Adam Freeman, Darrel C. Ince, S. Mortimore published March 1996
Essential OpenDoc: Cross Platform Development for OS/2(R), Macintosh(R), and Windows(R) Programmers by Jesse Feiler, Anthony Meadow published March 1996
History of Programming Languages, Volume 2 by Thomas J. Bergin, Richard G. Gibson, Richard G., Jr Gibson published February 1996
Programming Languages: Concepts and Constructs, Second Edition published February 1996
Tcp/Ip Illustrated, Volume 3 : Tcp for Transactions, Http, Nntp, and the Unix Domain Protocols published January 1996
Frontiers of Electronic Commerce by Ravi Kalakota, Andrew B. Whinston, Tom Stone published January 1996
Web Weaving: Designing and Managing an Effective Web Site by Eric Tilton, Carl Steadman, Tyler Jones published January 1996
The Trail Guide to Microsoft Network: A Rapid-Reading Reference to Using and Cruising the Microsoft Network Online Service published January 1996
The Underground Guide to Microsoft Internet Assistant: Slightly Askew Advice on Mastering the Web with WinWord by John Ross, Woody Leonhard, Eileen Wharmby published December 1995
The Mother of All Windows 95 Books by Woody Leonhard, Barry Simon published December 1995
Steal This Code! Create Reusable Software Components for Windows 95 and Windows NT by Al Williams, Woody Leonhard published December 1995
Windows Sockets Network Programming by Bob Quinn, David Shute published December 1995
C Programming FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions published November 1995
Civilizing Cyberspace: Policy, Power, and the Information Superhighway published November 1995
The Underground Guide to Computer Security: Slightly Askew Advice on Protecting Your PC and What's on It (Underground Guide Series) by Michael Alexander, Woody Leonhard published November 1995
Network Management: A Practical Perspective (2nd Edition) by Allan Leinwand, Karen Fang published October 1995
Object Solutions : Managing the Object-Oriented Project (Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series) published October 1995
Online Market Research : Cost Effective Searching of the Internet and Online Databases published October 1995
Computer-Related Risks published October 1995
UNIX for the Impatient (2nd Edition) by Paul W. Abrahams, Bruce R. Larson published September 1995
A Day With Biff by Ron, Joe Crabtree, Ron Romain published September 1995
Growing and Maintaining: A Successful Bbs: The Sysop's Handbook published September 1995
The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition (2nd Edition) published August 1995
Netware Lans: Performance and Troubleshooting (Data Communications and Networks Series) published April 1995
ISA System Architecture (3rd Edition) by Inc. MindShare, Don Anderson, Tom Shanley published April 1995
Safeware : System Safety and Computers, SPHIGS Software published April 1995
Internetworking: Designing the Right Architectures (Data Communications and Networks) published March 1995
Casting the Net published March 1995
It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature! : Computer Wit and Wisdom published February 1995
The Irc Survival Guide: Talk to the World With Internet Relay Chat published February 1995
Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering published February 1995
TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 2 : The Implementation by Gary R. Wright, W. Richard Stevens published January 1995
Love Online: A Practical Guide to Digital Dating published January 1995
Underground Guide to UNIX: Slightly Askew Advice from a UNIX Guru published January 1995
Object Databases: The Essentials published January 1995
Programming and Interfacing the 8051 Microcontroller by Sencer Yeralan, Ashutosh Ahluwalia, Sencer Yerlan published January 1995
The USENET Book: Finding, Using, and Surviving Newsgroups on the Internet published December 1994
A Manager's Guide, Client Service published December 1994
Dissecting DOS : A Code-Level Look at the DOS Operating System published November 1994
The Internet Business Companion : Growing Your Business in the Electronic Age by David Angell, Brent Heslop published October 1994
The E-Mail Companion: Communicating Effectively Via the Internet and Other Global Networks by John S. Quarterman, Smoot Carl-Mitchell published October 1994
Integrated Network and System Management by Heinz-Gerd Hegering, Sebastian Abeck published October 1994
Word 6 for Windows Essentials by Geoffrey Mandel, Gregory Mandel published October 1994
The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking published September 1994
A quarter century of Unix published June 1994
Tcl and the Tk Toolkit published April 1994
ATM Networks by Rainer Handel, Stefan Schroder, Manfred Huber published January 1994
Firewalls and Internet Security : Repelling the Wily Hacker by William R. Cheswick, Steven M. Bellovin published January 1994
TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1 : The Protocols published January 1994
ResEdit Complete (2nd Edition) by Peter Alley, Carolyn Strange published December 1993
The LaTeX companion published December 1993
Token Ring Network Design published July 1993
The Underground Guide to Laser Printers by Editors of Flash Magazine, Flash Magazine Editorial, Editors Flash published July 1993
Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment published June 1992
Macsbug Reference and Debugging Guide: For Macsbug Version 6.2 by Inc. Apple Computer, Apple Computer Inc published June 1991
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