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Camping, RVing as outdoor activity, materials, guides.

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Mister and missus are on the road again! The crew and friends of Montana Blunder Bus take to the western highways for more exploration and conversation-leaving no muskmelon or political topic unturned. Motor home fans everywhere will love the tongue-in-cheek fun of Oregon or Bust Blunder Bus, as Mary Lee Wilson and her Hubby follow a caravan of familiar, earnest characters through Oregon, Alaska, Montana, and much of the former frontier. Wilson's humane slant on historic landscapes and present-day realities is a must-read for anyone who has crossed the West in an RV. Topics of debate include senior citizen motorcyclists, the Bannock Indian wars, religion, the western economy, the Last Frontier, and other bumps and potholes on the face of th... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Comprehensive guidebook detailing more than 400 drive-to campgrounds and RV parks in Colorado. Includes maps, road conditions, and travel directions.
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