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How to Draw a Dragon: "Cautiously approach the dragon, offer it a piece of candy or a little sister, and draw while it happily munches away." From the creator of the wildly popular website, DRAGONART shows you how to create awesome, delightful and frightening beasts, armed only with a pencil and ink pen. You’ll begin your quest by conquering a super-easy dragon that even the most foolish of ogres could draw. You’ll forge onward to discover simple secrets and spiffy tricks for making creatures friendly or fierce, sorrowful or cynical… drawing them from all different perspectives, in flight or at rest (so vain, those dragons – they love to strike a pose!). You’ll also learn how to incorporate various... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (1) and details of Dragonart: How to Draw Fantastic Dragons and Fantasy Creatures score: 2.5 +++--
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Based on a popular column in MAKE magazine, this book concentrates more on the people who make things, than the things themselves. For those not familiar with MAKE, it is concerned with hobbyist projects, preferably electronic, preferably based on junk and scrap. Best of all, the magazine loves oddball projects. Ninety-one of the best of these off-the-wall inventors are featured here. From people who build almost full-scale submarines, to automated cocktail dispensers, to necktie tying machines, to a paper steam engine, to a pedal powered canoe. Lots of robots are included. OK, it's fun. Is it important? Yes, possibly it is. Creativity is always needed, and any exploration of what inspires it can be useful. (And the gadgets themse... Rest of this review on the detail page
(Review by Rob Slade)
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Reviews (2) and details of Makers : All Kinds of People Making Amazing Things In Their Backyard, Basement or Garage score: 3.0 +++--
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"As a PSIA examiner I have worked with Kevin on and off the snow for several years. His creativity and knowledge of what works comes through clearly in The Illustrated Guide to Snowboarding. I'd recommend it as a reference to the professional instructor, as well as a how-to for the avid snowboarder and those who wish to be." -- J. Randy Price Member of the PSIA-AASI national demonstration team "As a professional athlete and instructor, working with Kevin and reading his book helped my riding immensely. One of Kevin's principles is straightforward and perfectly applicable for snowboarding, climbing or just about any sport--your mind leads and your body follows. It works!" -- Robyn Ebersfield 4-time World Cup rock climbing champion "Never in ... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (1) and details of The Illustrated Guide To Snowboarding score: 2.5 +++--
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Book description
This all-new second edition, the companion book to the much beloved Western Garden Book, promises to be just as successful as the first. Packed with expert advice from landscape designers, gardeners, and others, it addresses climatic, soil, and topographical challenges—and solutions—for Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and southwestern Canada. Features: * The only landscaping guide designed specifically for Western gardeners * Over 600 photographs and dozens of ready-to-use landscape plans * Step-by-Step illustrations and exploded views show easy, do-it-yourself solutions * Seasonal gardening guides and checklists ensure year-round success for experienced and nov... Rest of this review on the detail page
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