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Reference books about computer related subjects (system administration, programming).

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Multimedia on computers is a complex and, to most people, very new undertaking. This book ambitiously tries to cover everything, from choosing equipment to installing and configuring systems to advanced applications. It is, therefore, hard to criticize the work because the coverage in some areas is weak. Part one looks at equipment purchases. Chapters deal with the base computer, sound cards, video cards, CD-ROM readers, bundles, and other aspects. Rathbone gives the reader the basics and ensures familiarity with the jargon, and even technical specifications, but sometimes analysis is missing in terms of buying decisions. There is also an assumption that everyone will be using the same types of applications. Part two covers insta... Rest of this review on the detail page
(Review by Rob Slade)
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Reviews (1) and details of Multimedia & Cd-Roms for Dummies

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MICROSOFT OFFICE FOR WINDOWS RESOURCE KIT includes information on installing, configuring, and supporting Microsoft Office-information designed for system administrators, consultants, and power users. The book is for 32-bit Windows (Windows 95 and Windows NT(r) version 4) and will be a popular and invaluable reference for all those responsible for implementing Office in the workplace.
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Reviews (2) and details of Microsoft Office 97 Resource Kit (Microsoft Professional Editions)

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MP3, standing for MPEG-1, Layer 3, is a codec for compressing the size of audio files for digital distribution. Much more than a definition, MP3 is nothing less than a cultural and economic revolution on the Internet. Every day, hundreds of thousands of MP3 music files are searched for, shared, recorded and listened to by computer and Internet users of all kinds. Either alone or collected into massive download sites, the MP3 revolution is seriously threatening the traditional ways people find, listen to and create music. MP3 players and encoders are available for all major computer platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and BeOS. MP3 hardware players include portable players you can take with you jogging or exercising from manufactu... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Computers--and the community of people that surrounds them--do an excellent job of generating jargon. They've created a world of RJ-11 jacks, Lempel Ziv compression, TACACS protocols, and data forks. Microsoft Computer Dictionary, Fourth Edition, explains all these terms and thousands more. It's a sort of miniencyclopedia of computing topics. The dictionary focuses on providing beginning and intermediate computer users with a solid grounding in terms, technologies, and concepts related to productivity software, databases, and networks. Communications technologies--such as those related to mobile phones--get attention too. This latest edition of the dictionary includes a selection of terms related to the Year 2000 bug, though these terms are... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (3) and details of Microsoft Press Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition

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A field guide is a quick and reliable source of useful information in a form suitable for "hands-on" work. This book does provide more information than the usual rehash of commands and switches. The content would be appropriate for the novice or intermediate, though not advanced, user. The troubleshooting section describes fairly simple problems, but those which a newcomer is likely to encounter. And additional section provides a quick reference to the longer menu based utilities. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1997
(Review by Rob Slade)
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Reviews (1) and details of Field Guide to MS-DOS 6.2
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