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Security of computer systems

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Book description
TCPA: Building computing platforms upon a solid foundation of trust. As businesses stake their very existence on the Internet, PCs, PDAs, and other key computing platforms, the trustworthiness of these platforms has become a vital concern. In response, the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) has delivered a complete specification for building trusted computing platforms atop trusted hardware. In Trusted Computing Platforms, leaders of the initiative illuminate TCPA for every systems developer and decision-maker. They place TCPA in context, outlining its goals, techniques, and powerful implications for the future. * What trusted computing platforms are, how they work, and what problems they will solve * Transforming stand... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (2) and details of Trusted Computing Platforms: TCPA Technology in Context

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Book description
The privacy risks that confront everyday computer users (individuals and small businesses) when they connect to the Internet. Detailed discussion of the legal aspects of online privacy (in the United States), legal accumulation of demographic data by online businesses, and online credit card fraud are all included. A consumer's guide to technical Internet standards enables readers to see where holes exist, and advice on securing computers and network connections helps them seal security gaps. Privacy Defended: Protecting Yourself Online is a comprehensive book that melds detailed, how-to information on PC hardware and operating system security within the context of protecting one's privacy in a digital world. It is designed for individ... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (3) and details of Privacy Defended: Protecting Yourself Online

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The preface is heavy on buzzwords (and a few spelling errors) with little attention paid to concepts and structure. Part one would like us to think of the forging of a new economy. Chapter one asks "what is e-business," and, with a little re-interpretation of history (the Internet had been in existence for twenty two years and had five million users, a significant number private and commercial, before it "became available to the public" according to this book) and ignoring of inconvenient facts (the hyperinflation of dot com IPO stocks is stated to prove the success of e-business just before we are told that the dot com failure was inevitable because of stock hyperinflation) tells us that e-business uses the net and makes money. Some se... Rest of this review on the detail page
(Review by Rob Slade)
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I have frequently said that any book with "hack," or any variant thereof, in the title is automatically suspect. This work helps prove my point, first, because the Honeynet Project members have *not* used the term (they refer to attackers as blackhats), and the text also notes the problems with "exploit" type books: they list old and known attacks, most of which are protected against, and say nothing about the attackers and how they work. Chapter one points out the value of "knowing the enemy" and the beginnings of the Honeynet Project. Part one describes the honeynet. Chapter two explains what a honeynet is, and the difference between one and the traditional honeypots. Details on how a honeynet works, in terms of architectu... Rest of this review on the detail page
(Review by Rob Slade)
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Reviews (2) and details of Know Your Enemy: Revealing the Security Tools, Tactics, and Motives of the Blackhat Community

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Chapter one provides vague meanderings about information protection fundamentals. The author's opinion about how to write is given in chapter two. In the ultimate triumph of style over substance, this drafting advice is given before any examination of actual policy development. Chapter three defines policy and some related topics with lots of verbiage and overly lengthy examples. There are lots of sample mission statements in chapter four, although it is not really apparent why we are talking about this particular topic. The structure of chapter five, dealing with standards, is very confused, and the purpose of the examples given is unclear. (There is also an extremely odd assertion that standards, which are by definition ri... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (3) and details of Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Standards: Guidelines for Effective Information Security Management
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