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A collection of after-action reports on a variety of network attacks, Network Intrusion Detection enables you to learn from others' mistakes as you endeavor to protect your networks from intrusion. Authors Stephen Northcutt and Judy Novak document real attacks on systems, and highlight characteristics that you--you being a network communications analyst or security specialist--can look for on your own machines. The authors mince no words, and advise you on the detection tools to use (they like and use Snort, as well as Shadow, Tripwire, TCP Wrappers, and others) and how to use them. This second edition of the book includes less about year-2000 preparation and more about the latest in attacks, countermeasures, and the growing community of wh... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (3) and details of Network Intrusion Detection: An Analyst's Handbook (2nd Edition)

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Once again Stallings has produced the classic textbook in the field. Concentrating primarily on encryption, he gives the concepts, background, and technical detail necessary to understand, develop, and evaluate security for networks. Written in a textbook style, this work does not cover the hands-on minutiae or proprietary sets of commands for specific systems or products. The basics, however, are covered thoroughly and well. Chapter end questions are provided, as well as recommended reading lists and appendices with detail specific to particular technologies. This does not in the least preclude it from being a valuable resource for the developer or manager. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1996
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Reviews (1) and details of Network and Internetwork Security: Principles and Practice

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With the number of intrusion and hacking incidents around the world on the rise, the importance of having dependable intrusion detection systems in place is greater than ever. Offering both a developmental and technical perspective on this crucial element of network security, Intrusion Detection covers: practical considerations for selecting and implementing intrusion detection systems; methods of handling the results of analysis, and the options for responses to detected problems, data sources commonly used in intrusion detection and how they influence the capabilities of all intrusion detection systems; legal issues surrounding detection and monitoring that affect the design, development, and operation of intrusion detection systems. More... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (2) and details of Intrusion Detection

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Best Ways To Protect You LAN! What's the fastest, easiest way to master all the new tools and techniques you need to maintain network security, reliability, and integrity? Richard Baker's Network Security! Inside you'll find low-cost, workable solutions for keeping your company's vital data and equipment safe from hackers, viruses, power failures, industrial spies, logic bombs, and a host of other new security threats. You'll learn to: build a security plan; assess risks; control physical access; build security procedures; master hardware and software security; overcome the perils of passwords; secure any desktop; protect and manage local area and enterprise networks; stay abreast of E-mail security/privacy issues and other legal problems; ... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (2) and details of Network Security: How to Plan for It and Achieve It

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This book begins by laying out a history of espionage that clearly shows that when a new technology or technique becomes available to the information gatherers in public and private sectors, they can quickly be adopted for Netspionage use. It then moves on to describe how the Internet and associated technologies have already revolutionized the collection and analysis of competitive information. The convergence of dependency on networked and exploitation tools (often propagated by "hackers", "cyberpunks" and even intelligence agencies) has already resulted in several incidents that foreshadow the perilous future. Close study of these incidents demonstrates how difficult yet how important it is to confront the challenges of "netspionage" and ... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (2) and details of Netspionage: The Global Threat to Information
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