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Computer programming, languages, techniques.

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Includes complete reference material on the entire Java language, from data types to Java classes. Provides detailed overview chapters that explain the art of the Internet and distributed programming with Java. Features special tips to help C/C++ programmers master Java. Includes special coverage of interfacing Java with other languages. Gives you step-by-step techniques for writing your first Java program. Provides techniques for writing programs using Java classes.
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Reviews (2) and details of Java Programming Language Handbook: The Ultimate Source for Conquering the Java Programming Language

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So, you're starting from zero in an effort to learn the Java programming language. What book will help you most? Just Java 2 should be on your desktop. It's one of a select group of introductory Java books that honestly earns its cover price. Shying away from complicated aspects of the language that are seldom used in most practical situations, Peter van der Linden focuses his considerable teaching skills upon the parts of the language you really need to understand in order to be a good Java programmer. He covers basic structure and syntax very well, and gives similarly excellent attention to object orientation and the means by which Java implements it. Applets, Beans, input/output streams, basic graphics, Swing, and security all get superb... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (3) and details of Just Java 2

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Book description
Create flexible, dynamic, and secure applications for the World Wide Web with Java™ Programming Basics. First-time Java users as well as skilled programmers looking for advanced techniques will benefit from the books in-depth coverage and real-world examples. Java Programming Basics features step-by-step instruction for writing Java code, a review of important Java terms, discussion of object-oriented methodologies, and much more. The CD-ROM features Suns complete Java Development Kit, sample applets, and several development tools, including Kalimantan, Roaster, and Alpha.
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Reviews (2) and details of Java Programming Basics

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Clifford Pickover is by most standards a mathematics geek (Ph.D. research scientist for IBM, associate editor for two computer journals), but he is the coolest math geek you might ever meet. For this book he has compiled 30 chapters of mathematical puzzles (and one short story), all having some connection to the concept of infinity. These problems are open-ended; in the event that the reader actually solves the main puzzle, there are enough digressions, diversions, and tangents to keep even the fastest computer running for hours. Computer modelers will be happy to find that instructive BASIC and C language has been provided for most of the problems. Many puzzles have been previously posted on the Internet, and the best or weirdest replies h... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (3) and details of Keys to Infinity

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Of a work in another field, I said that the term "companion" was unjustified. In this case, the title is valid. Landy's book is generic, as it must be in this most unstable of fields, but is well-presented and of value in many aspects of the business. The book itself only takes up about half the space in this volume. I have frequently noted authors who dwell too much on specific U.S. instances of their topic. Landy, while using American statutes and cases, deals with the general legal concepts. Thus, this work is probably widely applicable with recourse to local advice for particular details. Topics include copyright, trade secrets, employee non-competition, negotiations, beta test and evaluation agreements, assignments, developin... Rest of this review on the detail page
(Review by Rob Slade)
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Reviews (1) and details of The Software Developer's and Marketer's Legal Companion: Protect Your Software and Your Software Business/Book and Disk
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