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Local area networks, wide area networks, Internet, wireless networks, technologies, theory, management and planning of networks.

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This superior text on computer security is extremely rich in information, based on experience, and a pleasure to read. In addition, the author is donating part of his royalties from this book to various charities--initially, a foundation that fights child abuse. Escamilla begins by exploring intrusion prevention systems--firewalls, user authentication routines, and access controls--and telling how to properly set up such systems. He then describes mechanisms that identify and minimize damage caused by electronic break-ins once they occur. The author covers both system-level and network-level intrusion-detection systems, describing tools that attempt to catch not only outsiders who have broken in, but also legitimate system users who are up ... Rest of this review on the detail page
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While everyone else is still trying to get on the Internet -- or wondering what all the fuss is about -- you're ready to ascend to the next level. Now, with Internet SECRETS, you'll discover how to get more from the Net whether your platform is Windows, UNIX, DOS, or Mac. Packed with expert tips on performance enhancement, power strategies, the best Internet applications, and becoming an Internet provider, plus fascinating articles on doing business on the Net, network security issues, and real-life Internet experiences, Internet SECRETS is the ultimate insider's guide. Plus, on the two bonus disks accompanying Internet SECRETS, you the hottest Internet programs, all ready to use.
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First of all, "Slick Tricks" is apparently a series. The intent of the series is to provide the "essence" of a given topic. In other words, this is supposed to be another beginner's guide based on "the least you need to know". Secondly, make note of chapter two, and, "The Best Tip in the Book: Get a Delphi Subscription!" Ostensibly, Delphi is being promoted because it was the first of the major commercial online services to offer a full Internet connection: i.e., ftp, telnet, email and Usenet news. (This explains why the World Wide Web only gets peripheral mention down around page 227--Delphi does not support dial-up IP.) Basically, there is a lot of good information here--buried in a mass of text, some jokes, and lots and lots ... Rest of this review on the detail page
(Review by Rob Slade)
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3 1/2" Disk The Internet is a gold mine for those seeking a diverse library of graphic images, but viewing those images can be very difficult and frustrating. This unique book/disk pack solves the problem, guiding you to great graphics on the Net and the most popular encoders, decoders, and viewers on disk, plus instructions for use.
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The preface indicates that the target audience is corporate and carrier planners considering the use of ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) in their enterprises. These are, presumably, technically literate people, and so the book can be expected to deal with high level concepts and a minimum of tutorial content. Even so, the text is very demanding (and verges on the obtuse) for relatively little return of understanding. Chapter one appears to be either promotional material for ATM or an explanation of its current growth. Whatever the intent, the result is a confusing piece that drags in other technologies at random, without making much of anything clear. A terse overview of the various ATM layers is given in chapter two. While the mater... Rest of this review on the detail page
(Review by Rob Slade)
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