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Local area networks, wide area networks, Internet, wireless networks, technologies, theory, management and planning of networks.

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All things old are become new again. Data independence has become platform independence. Time sharing has become client/server. Database integration has become data warehousing. Systems analysis has become enterprise resource planning. Terminals have become thin clients. And clustering has apparently become the Storage Area Network (SAN), at least in terms of disk attachment. Chapter one is an introduction, but only to the book. There is, for example, discussion of the limitations of current networks, but the scope is limited to server based networks with SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) disks. While predominant, this model is not the only one around. There is an overview of basic networking concepts along with a quick int... Rest of this review on the detail page
(Review by Rob Slade)
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The most promising way yet to unclog the Internet bottleneck and speed data across the public switched telephone network is ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technology. ADSL loads Web pages up to 50 times faster and cheaper than ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) channels and uses existing PSTN copper lines; plus, new standards promise to spur rapid development of ADSL-based applications. Carrier personnel, educators, consultants, and consumers will find this highly readable and practical ADSL guidebook an attractive alternative to highly technical ADSL reference materials. It covers ADSL applications, installation, all technology variants (DSL, ADSL, HDSL, and VDSL), ADSL standards, the convergence of DSL and ATM, and incl... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Wireless network design presents the IT professional with unique obstacles. Your network requires the seamless and secure distribution of information, in spite of competing communication protocols, incompatible hardware platforms, and narrow bandwidths. This book is an introduction to developing efficient means of wireless transport in order to fully leverage wireless technologies. 1.You don¡¦t have to be a physicist to understand wireless network technology But you need to know the basics of radio, cellular, infrared, and satellite 2.Design for optimal use of IP Addresses Approximately 60,000 logical port numbers can be associated with one external IP address. That means 60,000 different TCP sessions occurring simultaneously! 3.M... Rest of this review on the detail page
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That the latest edition of one of the classic data communications texts is the most up to date is not altogether surprising. What is outstanding is just how up to date it is, and how detailed. The price of cramming this amount of current knowledge into these pages is a fairly demanding text. The writing is never unclear, but it doesn't make concessions to the reader either, and requires some application. As a course text the material is well laid out. Each chapter ends with recommended readings for further study, a set of problems of suitable difficulty, and possibly appendices. Pedagogical aids are available online and separately. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1996
(Review by Rob Slade)
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The only reference and tutorial on the market covering all the major data link protocols in use in industry. (Data link protocols (DLPs) manage the flow of data across a communications path and ensure that this traffic arrives error-free at the receiving machine.) Examines relative merit and pros/cons of each. Covers both synchronous and asynchronous protocols as well as WAN and LAN links. Protocols covered include: LAPD, LAPB, LEEE LAN Link Protocols, LAPM, Frame Relay, Internet Link Protocols, SDLC as well as wireless link protocols. The value of these protocols for their underlying network technologies is examined; for example the relationship of LAPD to ISDN nets or LAPB to X.25 nets. For programmers, engineers, project managers respons... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (2) and details of Data Link Protocols
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