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Many have predicted what emerging technology will mean for society. Michael Dertouzos, an Internet pioneer and Head of MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science, has been among the few who've been pretty much right so far. Now he reaches into the coming century to paint a compelling, rationally developed picture of what's ahead. Dertouzos' fluid freedom from the pollyanna-ism or paranoia that afflict so many of his contemporaries brings to his visions the ring of both conviction and plausibility--and excitement as well. His crystal explanations and fascinating examples are irresistible. The result is a book as enjoyable as it is imp... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (2) and details of What Will Be : How the New World of Information Will Change Our Lives score: 5.0 +++++
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You don't have to look far to see that technology is driving today's economy. Turn on CNBC, open The Economist, scan the Wall Street Journal--you'll find that technology is the prime force creating growth in almost every industry. In Unleashing the Killer App, authors Larry Downes and Chunka Mui look at the dynamics of technological change and its potential to create "killer apps." The authors describe a killer app as a product or service that "wind up displacing unrelated older offerings, destroying and re-creating industries far from their immediate use, and throwing into disarray the complex relationships between business par... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (1) and details of Unleashing the Killer App : Digital Strategies for Market Dominance

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This is noted digerati Esther Dyson's "upgrade" to Release 2.0, her guide to life in a wired world. Geared to the Net newbie, Dyson discusses the changes that the Internet has imposed on many areas of our lives, such as work, communities, and education. She is optimistic about the growth of the Internet and addresses skeptics' concerns about the future of online privacy and security issues, ownership of online content, governance of cyberspace, and more. Much has happened since the first edition of Dyson's book was published in 1997, and she smoothly blends her updates into the original manuscript. The most notable changes to ... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Reviews (1) and details of Release 2.1 : A Design for Living in the Digital Age

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Is Gulf War Syndrome the result of a massive experiment in the nanotechnological modification of human DNA? The answer, according to Sundman's book, is a resounding "Wouldn't you like to know?" The central thesis of the book is that technology is incompatible with freedom, although you'll only know this if you read the dust jacket. Basically, this is your common potboiler-thriller, with technical add- ons. Sundman has a fine hand with humorous dialogue, and the plot twists, where they don't rely on implausible technologies, are nicely kinked. There are so many megalomaniacs floating around that you'll think you've wondered into Redmond. He does, however, tend to telegraph deeply hidden secrets too long in advance. It's also a little... Rest of this review on the detail page
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