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Another 'Dilbert' book from Scott Adams. Dilbert is a delightful cartoon that most people like to read everyday in the newspaper. Making it into a book of strips was a stroke of genius so readers can read more than one strip a day. Scott Adams has made other Dilbert books but this has to be a personal favourite. It contains some of the funniet, most original strips. Well worth a read if you're in the mood for a laugh.
(Review by Liv)
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Book description
Scott Adams, Dilbert, and the whole gang are back with an outrageous look at the Weasel Zone - where most of life happens. In his #1 bestseller, The Dilbert Principle, Scott Adams explored the theory that "all people are idiots."Now, he takes this theory one step further by revealing that "they are also weasels." In this hilarious new book, Scott introduces the Weasel Zone -- the giant gray area between good moral behavior and outright criminality.It's where your co-workers, bosses, salespeople, ceos, human resource executives, hotel clerks, home repair people, family, and loved ones reside. In 27 compelling, illustrated chapters, Scott Adams reveals the secrets of these slippery characters:how to recognize them, how they operat... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Book description
Even Grues Get Full is the fourth collection of the hit geek comic strip User Friendly by J.D. "Illiad" Frazer. Written with fresh, dry humor and an amusing vividness that brings the cast of characters to life, the comic strip is loved and read by millions around the world, from professional technologists to eight-year old wunderkinds, from 83-year old grandmothers who miss their Commodore 64s to patient spouses of born programmers. The comic strip is packed with references to geek interests, from obscure movies to old computer games, yet non-geeks are able to enjoy the storylines and character quirks, from Erwin’s acerbic humor to Miranda’s constant angst; from the Smiling Man’s Machiavellian machinations to A.J.’s dysf... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Book description
Bill Amend does it better than anybody else. His ability to present middle-class family life in a way that?s consistently fresh, irreverent, and downright wacky is unsurpassed. If asked?and they are each day they open the more than 1,000 newspapers that carry his strip?Amend?s audience of 25 million readers would say the same thing.That committed and connected audience will be delighted once again to discover Who?s Up for Some Bonding?, the latest in a series that includes 18 previous collections and eight treasuries, amounting to nearly two million FoxTrot books in circulation. This time around, Amend?s antics with the Fox family include the artist?s invitingly skewed views of ?normal? life: children who are light-years ahead of their pare... Rest of this review on the detail page
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Gary Larson calls The Complete Far Side, the massive two-volume collection of his Far Side cartoons, an "18-pound hernia giver." Sure to give any coffee table a solid workout, the handsome and heavy 1,250-page "legacy book" is a must for fervent fans; over 4,300 single-panel comics with more than half in color and 1,100 that have not appeared in any book form before (the popular--and far less weighty--paperback collections). Set in rough chronological order, the comics share pages with occasional letters from fans, detractors, editors, folks made famous by a particular cartoon, and those begging for explanations. Though few explanations are provided (Larson personally supplies merely one, plus a single apology), this collection helps answe... Rest of this review on the detail page
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