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Book details of 'Christine'

Author(s)Stephen King
PublishedDecember 1984
PublisherViking Press
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Back to shelf Horror

Score: score: 4.7 *****  Vote for this book

The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Christine':

Unknown reviewer wrote:
THE BEST!!! Whoever that was who wrote the last review on here is a complete SHITTER! U hear me. SHITTER! Christine is the most perfect and beautiful car in the world and as for the book itself... pure genius. It describes everything and has the exact, RIGHT view of the world and the rest of the shitters out there. And what do you mean 'monster car bullshit'? It's a story! A story to stimulate peoples minds and get them thinking! Well, i love Christine (Christine herself) and no one will come between me and her. I love her!
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Unknown reviewer wrote:
This book sucked complete ass, the hole idea of A MONSTER CAR IS COMPLETE BULL SHIT, i spent one week reading this peice of crap and its a week id rather of spent dead. Then i just recently found out that theres a movie about this, oh i bet that did real well in the theaters, im not even going to think about wasting my money on thet peice of shit. And Stephen if your reading this i think you could have done way better. Personally i think your a great writer and i have alot of respect for you but i seriosly thought that you were high when you wrote this fucked up story, and the only reason that people bought it was because they thought it would be a great book like others. So mister king i think it would be a good idea for you to stop wrighting gay novels like this and just go into hiding so you wont ever have to show your auful writing talentever again. From you biggest fan Phil Harrelson.
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