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Book details of 'The Long Walk'

Cover of The Long Walk
TitleThe Long Walk
Author(s)Stephen King, Richard Bachman, Stephen Bachman
PublishedApril 1999
PublisherPenguin USA (Paper)
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Score: score: 4.4 ****-  Vote for this book

The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'The Long Walk':

Reviewer Devil Pup wrote:
Granted, it was great for suspense, (does Garraty make it or not) and great for horror ( all the men shot in graphic detail), however, I think that it makes a deeper comment on society. I have been known to be wrong but are we not the same people watching the long walk as those watching the Fear Factor, Survivor, Big Brother or any of the other "real TV" shows? Are we not watching, hoping for a spectacular failure? I do not watch these shows myself, but I know many that do and I know people who are journalists that say these shows would not continue if they did not make ratings. Yet, they continue....because we continue to watch. [Ratings] As we read this book, we were revulsed by the crowds cheering the deaths of the young men but do we not do the same when watching these shows? I leave one last thought, are we all not on the last walk from the day of birth? If you allow it to, This book opens your mind. Great Read. GREAT BOOK, MAKES YOU THINK!!! ;)

Unknown reviewer wrote:
This is the 3rd Stephen King book i've read, and I was blown away by it. You are Ray Garraty. Entering the long walk, you and 99 other boys in their late teens must walk 450 miles. Walk, or die. If you fall behind 4 miles and hour, you get a warning. You sit down, you get a warning. After three warnings, you get your ticket. The ticket? Being machine gunned to death by the soldiers that constantly watch you, sitting on the back of their truck with their computer devices, watching your speed, waitng for you to make a mistake. Their faces completely drained of emotion. The book shows how the contestants go from sanity to insanity. Some even letting themselves die, knowing they can't go on. If you try and run away, you will be shot. The book is full of suspense, horror and depression. The ending was a bit hard to understand, but definately left you thinking. The story tells you about the other long walkers close to Garraty, what they think and why they entered the long walk. At the end of the long walk, there will be only one person left. The prize is anything you ever wanted, given to you by the major himself. The major is an American Leader, who runs and watches over the long walk. This book is a work of art, and I recommend it to anyone, unless you are seriously against violence. I'm 14 years old, and I'm usually outside or playing the xbox or the playstation 2, but when I borrowed this book, I forgot all about it, i didn't even use the computer for two days! Now that's saying something. Read!
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Reviewer Margo Masur wrote:
Quite simply? Loved it. It's safe to say my favorite Stephen King book. I, myself, take pleasure in reading everything and anything I can get my hands on. (Mostly English literature of the late 1800s) I found this book to be quite pleasing after receiving it for Christmas! The idea is original and quite thrill. The element of just walking out to your death is chilling enough even if you get the prize of a lifetime. The idea is basic. We start up with sixteen-year-old Ray Garraty who's off to walk for a contest again 99 more boys. You walk or die. That simple. Fall behind and get shot. Keep trudging until you collasp and die. Last person standing wins the 'ultimate prize.' The characters in the story are built almost as if they were your own friends. You'll begin to hate the soldiers just like the boys and laugh right along with their stories as they tell them to keep conversation. Read it. I highly suggest it.

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