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Book details of 'The Client'

Cover of The Client
TitleThe Client
Author(s)John Grisham
PublishedMarch 1993
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'The Client':

Reviewer Michelle Little wrote:
As a 16 year-old avid reader I was extremely impressed with this novel. It had everything I look for in a good book, including suspence, mystery and an excellent plot. The ending of the book, however, was dissapointing because there was no finality and left questions unanswered. I also found parts of this book humorous, such as when Mark pleaded the Fifth although it didn't apply to the circumstances. This showed and reminded readers that although he was mature for his age, Mark is still a child left in an unfortunate and troubleing circumstance.

Reviewer David wrote:
I am yet to finish the book, but I have not been able to put it down for the three days I have been reading it. I am reading a 100 pages a night. At least. This is the ONLY time I have ever wanted to read a book that was assigned for school. This is the most interesting and thrilling book I have ever read. (Even better than Harry Potter!) I can't wait to find out what happens next (I am only at the part where Mark is first charged with being in contempt of the court and is sent back to the Detention Center. Now I must go to read for about 3 hours ( which I actually enjoy!) I will post another review tomorrow when I am finished with the book. ( I am on page 366 right now and I am reading as I 'I AM OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD!!'

Unknown reviewer wrote:
In my opinion, this book written like a good book should be. It has everthing planned out to keep the reader in the dark untill he or she is on the the few chapters. That's when all of a sudden the book becomes a little bit more tiring. The plot thickens throughout the novel and stops dead. It tells you how Mark finishes his work and all is done. That is the only flaw in the novel, Mr. Grisham could have put on at least three or four more chapters at the end to explain how everything turns out. There is no comment on what happens to Barry the Blade Muldanno or how Mark lives out his lives with his family or completes his life. Or how Clint Van Hooser, Reggie or Momma Love live out thier lives in Memphis but, what bothers me is the fact that the story stops just like that and the end, no explication just the end.
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Reviewer wrote:
Mark Sway, age 11 but years wiser thanks to a drunken dad who abused his mom, is out in the woods behind his Memphis trailer park teaching his kid brother, Ricky, how to smoke Virginia Slims heisted from Mom's purse. He's a pretty upright kid--he's determined to protect his brother from drugs, and he once defended his mom with a baseball bat. The dangers of smoking rapidly escalate when Mark glimpses a guy trying to commit suicide by carbon monoxide in his car nearby and tries to stop him. The guy is Jerome, a lawyer who tells Mark that his Mafia client has murdered Senator Boyd Boyette and buried him in the concrete under his garage in New Orleans. Then Jerome puts a bullet in his own head. Little Ricky flips out, and so does Barry the Blade Muldanno, who doesn't want blustery U.S. attorney Reverend Roy Foltrigg to find the corpse and bust him. Caught in a ruthless game between the Mob and the amoral authorities, Mark's family has no defense in the world except Reggie Love, a 50ish divorcée who has just turned her life around by becoming a lawyer. Does she have what it takes to help Mark beat the system? The life-or-death chase is on! Mark has seen a lot of movies, and he sees life in cinematic terms. So does Grisham. Even if this novel had never been filmed, it would still be a really good, fast-paced movie. Its literary limitation is also its filmlike virtue: The Client is a rush.

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