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Book details of 'Diagonal Lengths: Rethinking Our World'

TitleDiagonal Lengths: Rethinking Our World
Author(s)Mickey Puri
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Diagonal Lengths: Rethinking Our World':

Reviewer Koos van den Hout wrote:
What could be improved to life on this planet if we were able to leave a lot of our current ideas how that life should be behind us and redesign our society. This book is one big thought experiment: what if things were run differently. What if the whole concept of countries was abolished, what if politics was less about power and a lot more about serving the country. A lot of these interesting what-ifs fill this book and make the reader think seriously about everything. The build-up of this book is interesting: it starts with 'abolish countries' and goes into more detail on somewhat less world-changing ways which still could improve life on this planet for all its inhabitants. An interesting read and I think this book really has potential to cause some change in the world.

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Book description:

Have you ever wondered what the world might be if you had the power to make any change? You might have held back, thinking there to be too many obstacles. In the author's view those obstacles are an illusion and unhindered by any political or social affiliations, he's thought through what would be the ideal solution were we to start from a blank piece of paper. The result is a radical set of ideas that can act as disruptive social engineering, as powerful as the major technical innovations, with the ability to transform our world. Mickey Puri wants to help change your world.

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