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Book details of 'Mac OS X Panther Hacks : 100 Industrial Strength Tips & Tools (Hacks)'

Cover of Mac OS X Panther Hacks : 100 Industrial Strength Tips & Tools (Hacks)
TitleMac OS X Panther Hacks : 100 Industrial Strength Tips & Tools (Hacks)
Author(s)Rael Dornfest, James Duncan Davidson
PublishedJune 2004
PublisherO'Reilly Media, Inc.
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Mac OS X Panther Hacks : 100 Industrial Strength Tips & Tools (Hacks)':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
The preface says that this book can be used by both the new and the experienced Mac user. The novice probably can get something out of the text, but it is the advanced Macist who will benefit most. Even in the first chapter there are activities requiring the command line, whereas access to that command line is not really introduced until Hack #91 on page 496. There is also some difference in the structure of this work, as compared to others in the "... Hacks" series. The "hacks" in this volume are not very likely to be "hacks" at all, but rather subtopics. A given "hack" may simply be discussing four or five pieces of commercial software that might all address a given function. Chapter one reviews aspects of the Mac OS X graphical user interface (GUI). An awful lot of the content seems to be devoted to installing outside software: some commercial, some shareware, and some free. Various scripts are in chapter two. Internet communications options are described in chapter three: again, most of them involve additional software. Chapter four outlines a number of multimedia tricks. Outside (and some oddball) hardware is discussed in chapter five. Random network ideas are collected in chapter six. Chapter seven lists some Web and email servers that can be run on your Mac. Backup (and other topics) is reviewed in chapter eight. Administrative activities are covered in chapter nine. There is a good deal of material in this book. There is probably something for everyone. The content does seem to lean heavily towards the "cute but useless," but I suppose that utility is in the eye (or GUI) of the user. Possibly the best suggestion is not to expect too much out of the book, use what you can, and ignore the trivial or annoying. copyright Robert M. Slade, 2005

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Book description:

Like the animal it's named for, Mac OS X Panther is beautiful, sleek, superbly efficient, dangerously alluring, and all muscle under the surface. Beneath its appealing interface, it's a hard-working machine. Those coming to Mac OS X from previous incarnations of the operating system recognize much of the friendly face of the Macintosh they're used to, but they're also plunged into a whole new world. Unix converts to Mac OS X find a familiar FreeBSD-like operating system at the core and many of the command-line applications that they're familiar with: it's like an open invitation to roll up their sleeves and hack. Mac OS X Panther Hacks brings together the perfect combination of tips, tricks, and tools to help serious Mac users--regardless of their background--get the most from their machines. This revised collection reflects the real-world know how of those well-steeped in Unix history and expertise, sharing their no-nonsense, sometimes quick-and-dirty solutions to administering and taking full advantage of everything a Unix desktop has to offer: Web, Mail, and FTP serving, security services, SSH, Perl and shell scripting, compiling, configuring, scheduling, networking, and hacking. Add to that the experience of die-hard Macintosh users, customizing and modifying their hardware and software to meet their needs. The end result is cool stuff no power user should be without. The hacks in the book range from the quick and easy to the more complex. Each can be read easily in a few minutes, saving countless hours of searching for the right answer. Mac OS X Panther Hacks provides direct, hands-on solutions in topics such as: * User Interface * Accessories (iPod, USB devices, mobile phones, PDAs, etc.) * Wired and wireless networking (Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) * Email (servers and clients) * Web (servers and clients) * Messaging (iChat and associated apps) * Printing and Faxing (sharing printers, fax server, etc.) * Multimedia If you want more than your average Mac user--you want to explore and experiment, unearth shortcuts, create useful tools, and come up with fun things to try on your own--this book will set you on the right track. Written for users who need to go beyond what's covered in conventional manuals--Mac OS X Panther Hacks will bring your Mac to its full potential.

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