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Book details of 'Using Open Source Web Software with Windows (Internet Series)'

Cover of Using Open Source Web Software with Windows (Internet Series)
TitleUsing Open Source Web Software with Windows (Internet Series)
Author(s)Eric Hunley
PublishedDecember 2005
PublisherCharles River Media
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Score: score: 4.5 *****  Vote for this book

The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Using Open Source Web Software with Windows (Internet Series)':

Reviewer Koos van den Hout wrote:
Normally I use php, perl, postgresql and apache in a unix environment, so I know them, but I am no fan of microsoft windows. With this background, I still like this book very much! The basic idea of this book is to help the reader in setting up apache, php, perl and mysql on his PC running windows so the reader has an environment comparable to that at the average webhoster for his own tests. The basic ideas behind webservers/browsers are explained first, followed by instructions on how to install apache and how to name things. Every step is followed by little 'do it yourself' tests and explanation of more options. Harder concepts aren't forgotten, but a short explanation why they are skipped is included. Next comes Perl, complete with programming samples, trying to get the reader up to speed on simple flow control, conditionals and other bits of programming and common pitfals in programming. The next part is the installation of PHP with samples how programming is done in PHP, what can and cannot be done and how to program securely (I really approve of the 'never trust input' way of thinking) in PHP, and how to make stuff easier with common blocks of code in a separate file, dealing with the file system, generating images, sending e-mail. The next part introduces MySQL, how to configure it, simple queries and the use of phpMyAdmin to administer MySQL from a webbrowser. Next, communication to MySQL from Perl and PHP is explained with sample code. The book concludes with a primer on HTML. In my opinion, this is a great book. This helps the reader try all this stuff hands-on and learn from the experience. It shows the reader where things can go wrong. The book encourages experimenting with all this. All software mentioned in the book is included on the CD-rom so you can get started and be playing with your own webserver without ever having an internet connection.

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Book description:

Using Open Source Web Software with Windows introduces Windows administrators, programmers, and Web designers to useful open source server tools such as Perl, MySQL, Apache, and PHP, which are currently used to power more than 65% of Web sites worldwide. Users learn everything they need to use these tools effectively, including the basics of downloading and installing each of the packages. From there they practice with the tools and work with the programs in practical combination.After working through the book, Windows users will be able to use open source database methods, to serve pages to the Web or Intranets, and to make dynamic Web pages and databases. And by using open source software administrators, programmers, and Web developers will be able to reduce licensing costs and improve the reliability, security, and efficiency of their Web tools.

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