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Book details of 'Photoshop Trickery and Fx (Graphics Series)'

Cover of Photoshop Trickery and Fx (Graphics Series)
TitlePhotoshop Trickery and Fx (Graphics Series)
Author(s)Stephen Burns
PublishedMarch 2005
PublisherCharles River Media
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Book description:

Digital art is often thought to be as easy as a few button clicks on the computer but in reality, digital artists need to have just as much artistic talent as traditional artists. To truly master the digital realm, you need to master your software (in this case Photoshop CS), and be fluent in the "digital language" it provides. This allows you to intuitively apply the artistic principles and techniques needed to create dynamic images. The goal of this book is to teach you how to blend technical skill with artistic talent through the creation of a variety of interesting and fun images. If you’re already using Photoshop CS, you can jump right in and get started. If you think you could use a quick refresher, there is a brief overview of Photoshop essentials you’ll need to know to be successful with this book. With the ideas covered here, you’ll learn how and why Photoshop does what it does, and gain an intuitive understanding that will help you progress to the next level of digital creativity. In the process, you’ll apply what you learn by creating and working through a wide range of fun, practical tutorials, and learn the skills needed to create your own digital masterpieces! What You’ll Learn To Do * Create digital masterpieces from your own photographs * Make fantasy images as if photographed in the real world * Morph human and animal faces * Create undersea landscapes from photography * Use Photoshop’s brush engine to create smoke, rust, and concrete * Make ringed planets and solar systems from scratch * Use Photoshop and 3rd party filters (Nik Color Efex Pro 2.0 and Sharpener Pro) to recreate realism * Integrate a CGI generated image into photographs * Composite photographic images seamlessly to appear as one complete scene * Create effects in images such as explosions, fire, and fog * Make a custom moon to include in a landscape * Create a starship dog fight complete with laser blasters * Includes a companion CD-ROM w/ the files needed to do the tutorials, all the book images, demos of Photoshop CS (PC), Nik Color Efex Pro, and Sharpener Pro (PC & Mac) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS For both systems you will need Photoshop CS. The trial version will let you work through the projects, but it has limitations that prevent you from completing the projects or saving your work. WIN: Intel® Pentium® III or 4 processor, Microsoft® Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 3 or Windows XP (Adobe applications on Windows XP with Service Pack 2), 192MB RAM (256MB recommended), 280MB of available hard-disk space, Color monitor with 16-bit color or greater video card, 1024x768 or greater monitor resolution, CD-ROM drive, Internet connection for product activation. MAC: PowerPC® G3, G4, or G5 processor, OS X v.10.2.4 to v.10.3 w/ Java Runtime Environment 1.4, 192MB RAM (256MB recommended) 320MB of available hard-disk space, Color monitor with 16- bit color or greater video card, 1024x768 or greater monitor resolution, CD-ROM drive.

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