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Book details of 'Windows 98 Installation & Configuration Handbook'

Cover of Windows 98 Installation & Configuration Handbook
TitleWindows 98 Installation & Configuration Handbook
Author(s)Rob Tidrow
PublishedJune 1998
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Windows 98 Installation & Configuration Handbook':

Reviewer wrote:
Lots of people will buy big, omnibus books about Windows 98 when what they really need is a book that explains how to install, remove, and tune components that work under the operating system. If, for example, you want to install an additional hard disk drive on a Windows 98 machine, there's no need to buy a book that devotes half its length to double-clicking. What you need is Windows 98 Installation & Configuration Handbook. This book explores, topic by topic, how to install, configure, modify, and remove the particular components--hardware and software--that exist under Windows 98. Further, it explains the details of configuring Windows 98 itself. Installing and configuring a hard disk, ever a challenge to new users, gets a whole chapter. Another chapter covers CD-ROM and DVD-ROM installation. Readers learn how to connect to the world via a local area network (LAN) and through a modem. Dozens of subjects get attention: Personal Web Server, printers, scanners, digital cameras, Active Channels, and desktop customization, to name a few. Of course, the author catalogs the entire suite of software on the Windows 98 CD-ROM--including that which does not install automatically. Simply put, if you're clear on Windows 98 basics and you want to find out how to modify your setup to better suit your needs, Windows 98 Installation & Configuration Handbook is for you.

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
Part one deals with aspects around the installation of Windows 98. Chapter one starts at the proper time: before the installation begins. However, the information that is provided is pretty basic, and follows the Microsoft guidelines. It is primarily concerned with minimum hardware requirements. Installation merely follows the setup program screens in chapter two and lists the components in chapter three. Installation over the network is going to require more manual setup than with Windows 95, and the necessary configuration options are detailed in chapter four. Installing new hardware and software, in chapter five, simply presents the Wizard screens. Simple configuration and alteration is given in part two. Chapter six reviews the general desktop properties. Properties specific to monitor hardware are described in chapter seven. A grab bag of functions for shortcuts, screen savers, and fonts makes up chapter eight. Modifications to the Taskbar and Start menu in chapter nine are extremely terse. Part three looks at disks and drives. The instructions for installing a hard disk are probably not quite detailed enough for a novice, not necessary for an intermediate user, and contain minor errors in chapter ten. Directions for floppy drives, in chapter eleven, are probably a bit more useful. Chapter twelve is primarily concerned with the sharing, rather than installation, of CD-ROM drives, and with scaring off potential DVD buyers. The operation of the backup utility is reviewed in chapter thirteen. Various performance related aspects of drives are listed in chapter fourteen. Part four's overview of multimedia is more detailed, but basically follows the same line as for general hardware configuration. Part five looks at the modem installation via Wizard, the Internet Connection Wizard, and settings for Internet Explorer and Outlook. The networking content in part six is more detailed than most, although still missing some material. Part seven deals with running Windows 98 and DOS programs. Chapter twenty seven provides a great deal of interesting information for the techie or programmer, but most of it is irrelevant to the user. Power DOS users may find the content of chapter twenty eight handy for fixing minor irritants with DOS programs. Part eight again covers the configuration of different types of peripherals in more depth, but via the Wizards. Basically, more documentation replacement. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1998

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Book description:

The Handbook is the best source of installation and trouble-shooting information available.This title is primarily a reference, with information presented as concisely as possible. When needed, the text slows down and presents numbered steps on how to complete more difficult tasks.The reader is also given solid information on when and why they would want to change the configuration settings on their computer allowing them to get a better feel for troubleshooting any future problems. -Extensive coverage of installing and configuring the hundreds of options present in Windows 98 -Complete coverage of all the new Windows 98 features including New Setup, Multiple Display Support, Win32 Driver Model (WDM), ACPI Power Management, FAT32 in-place converter, Web-based support tools, Scripting, OLE DCOM, Plus! Tab, Backup, Windows Sockets 2, Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP), DirectShow 2.0, DirectX 5, and the new Broadcast Architecture & TV Viewer -Learn the best ways to take advantage of the new Active Desktop, Shell Integration, and Internet Explorer 4.0

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