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Book details of 'Using DOS'

Cover of Using DOS
TitleUsing DOS
Author(s)Gerald R. Routledge, Suzanne Weixel, Michael O'Mara, Gerry Routledge
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Using DOS':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
When you buy DOS, you get documentation for it. So a DOS book should be better-written than the original, easier to read, or contain additional information. This book is neither easier to read, nor better written than the original. Some parts may appear "friendlier" but this is generally at the expense of clarity. The important concepts take just as long to define, and sometimes aren't explained as well. Which leaves additional information. Now, there *is* some. For example, the fact that you can't follow the asterisk (*) wildcard with anything *is* discussed, though not when wildcards are covered. (It's in the discussion of deletion.) On the other hand, the very useful "dir/s" isn't even mentioned in the command reference. The chapters on MEMMAKER and DoubleSpace/DriveSpace simply tell you to run them. The two computer virus chapters give more space than usual to the topic. Unfortunately, for every useful piece of information, there are several errors, opinions and misrepresentations, and I wouldn't want anyone who *is* infected with a virus to rely on it. I can't think of any group to which I would recommend buying this book. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1995

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