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Book details of 'Special Editon Using Microsoft Word 97, Best Seller Edition (2nd Edition)'

Cover of Special Editon Using Microsoft Word 97, Best Seller Edition (2nd Edition)
TitleSpecial Editon Using Microsoft Word 97, Best Seller Edition (2nd Edition)
Author(s)Bill Carmada, Joe Lowery, Elaine Marmel, Gregg Root
PublishedOctober 1997
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Special Editon Using Microsoft Word 97, Best Seller Edition (2nd Edition)':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
This book provides a very thorough set of documentation for learning and using Microsoft's Word 97 program. The text does a good job of combining the need for tutorial explanations as well as speed of access to important reference points. At times the ordering of chapters may seem unusual, but the division of topics is quite logical, and both the layout format and the content of the text is clear. The contents of the book cover pretty much every aspect of Word and its related functions. Chapters one to three in part one start you off with a basic introduction, quick formatting, and some of the standard word processing functions. Part two looks at more advanced functions, with chapters for proofing tools, styles, templates and wizards, automated tools, and tables. A general heading for part three might be production: it covers Web page development with Word, integration of Word with Office and Frontpage, a chapter on deploying your Web site (which doesn't really talk about Word at all), producing hardcopy and faxes as well as sending email, and using mail merge. (I am rather disappointed in the section on email, since one of the biggest problems that I face on a regular basis in electronic correspondence is dealing with people who create files in Word, and then have trouble sending them. The suggestion in the book to use WordMail avoids the entire issue and is of little or no help.) Part four discusses large documents using outlining, master documents, tables of contents and captions, indices, and various forms of referencing. All too many Word books concentrate initially on how documents look, rather than how they function, so it is nice to see that desktop publishing, graphics, drawing, and graphs are left until part five. Revision management, forms, automation with field codes, customization of the program, integration with Office, network installation, and sharing files in part six are all considered to be corporate tasks. Part seven has four chapters that cover Word macros in increasing detail. As with many such books, this work appears to be intended as replacement documentation. The authors consistently sing the praises of the product, and weaknesses, bugs, or drawbacks are minimized. There are highlighted "Caution" notes, but most seem to be fairly simple, or appear to refer to bugs in the first release of Word that were subsequently fixed. While I do not dispute the writer's sincerity in lauding the product, this volumes value to users will be reduced when they come up against the inevitable shortcomings. AutoCorrect can be highly annoying: you are told how to turn it off, but you'll have to search for that instruction as it is not presented as boldly as other functions. The grammar checker in Word can recommend changing "we should not issue this credit" to "we should issue this credit, and while this might make the style of the letter more positive, it could possibly change the meaning a bit. The brief section on Word macro viruses stresses the built-in protection mechanisms, although it does finally admit to the most vital fact: "None of the Microsoft virus protection solutions are foolproof." (A rather ironic exception to the pro-Microsoft stance is the note that the colour choices for Internet Explorer render the menu at Netscape's own site almost unreadable: could this colour choice possibly be deliberate?) The comprehensive coverage, clear writing, logical organization, and solid information in this book make it a recommended choice. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1997

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Book description:

Que's Special Edition Using Word 97, Bestseller Edition is the most complete Word 97 reference available. This comprehensive book includes hundreds of pages of Word solutions, an information-packed CD-ROM, and more! Automate your Word documents with templates and wizards, polish documents using powerful editing tools, and create professional Web pages. Discover ways to use Word 97 in a workgroup to collaborate on projects. You'll also become more productive as you learn how to integrate Word 97 with other members of the Office 97 suite.

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