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Book details of 'Special Edition Using Caldera OpenLinux'

Cover of Special Edition Using Caldera OpenLinux
TitleSpecial Edition Using Caldera OpenLinux
Author(s)Allan Smart, Erik Ratcliffe, Tim Bird, David Bandel, Wilson Mattos, Allen Smart
PublishedJune 1999
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Special Edition Using Caldera OpenLinux':

Reviewer wrote:
The biggest appeal of this book is its companion software with three separate versions of Linux on CD-ROM--Red Hat Linux 4.1, Slackware Linux 3.1, and Caldera Open Linux Lite 1.1. You'll be able to try out all three versions without going through the trouble of downloading (though these are old versions of each flavor). The text focuses on Red Hat Linux, though it's similar to the other two versions on the CD-ROM and you can easily transfer lessons to the others. The authors begin by explaining how to install Linux and how to configure it properly for your hardware environment. Then, they talk about key commands--file management and the like--before spilling the beans on how to run programs. The information on how to get DOS and Windows programs to run under Linux with dosemu and other jury-rigs is notable. There's even a list of programs (popular and less so) that have been made to run under Linux; each entry comes complete with the e-mail address of a person who claims to have done it. From there, the book moves on to explain X Windows, time-sharing servers, vi, Internet tools, and the mechanics of using Linux as an Internet server (though there are other whole books that cover the subject in more depth). Overall, this book distinguishes itself by showing you how to do unusual things with Linux. Get this book if you want to see your new operating system do some unusual tricks. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
The Linux titles are coming thick and fast these days. This offering has a strong Caldera presence, with a number of the authors working for the company. The early sections of the book will be useless to anyone using another Linux variant, but later parts may be helpful to some. The introductory section has a chapter that does a very good, and mostly even-handed, job of explaining Linux and the variety of forms available. The chapter on installation is not written to the same standard. The user is primarily walked through the automated installation system, and certain parts of that, such as repartitioning the hard drive on an existing system, may just be slightly harder than the book makes out. The second section, on using OpenLinux, isn't, really. Actually, it concentrates on using the K Desktop Environment (KDE), and hardly mentions the basic Linux system at all. There is an introduction to, and navigation of, the desktop, customization, the KDE Desktop Manager, KDE applications, and KOffice. System administration does emphasize the Linux command line, since most of the work has to be done there. Topics include the file system, users and groups, running DOS programs, system initialization, the shell, printing, software management, building software, kernel modules, disk drives, and the boot loader. Networking occupies fully a quarter of the book. This material would be very useful for those intending to use Linux for advanced Internet functions, but the level of the content is pitched far higher than is the case in other sections. The information covers TCP/IP fundamentals, network administration, advanced features, connecting to an ISP (Internet Service Provider), email, the Domain Name Server, file transfer protocol, the Web server, proxy server, firewalls, TCP wrappers, NFS (Network File System), NetWare connections, Microsoft Windows connections, ARP (Address Resolution Protocol), BOOTP, DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), and setting up a simple network. There is a section with four chapters on the use and management of the X windowing system, plus chapters on encryption software and multimedia. While there is a great deal of information provided in this volume, there are a number of large gaps in the material as well. The technical level of the content varies greatly from topic to topic. This book misses some areas that newcomers should have addressed, but doesn't have enough depth in many places for intermediate or advanced users. The strongest area is in networking, and this work might be useful to those experienced computer users who intend to set up specialized Internet services using the Linux platform. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1999

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Book description:

Special Edition Using Caldera OpenLinux shows you how to install and configure the latest version of the Caldera Open Linux operating system--paying special attention to interconnectivity and day-to-day usage issues. It gives extensive coverage of the configuration and use of the myriad of network services Linux offers the consumer such as Samba, sendmail, ipmasquerading, and more. The book also covers how to install and manage applications, manage printers and provides step-by-step instructions for getting connected to the Internet.

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