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Book details of 'The New Netscape & HTML EXplorer: Everything You Need to Get the Most out of Netscape and the Web'

TitleThe New Netscape & HTML EXplorer: Everything You Need to Get the Most out of Netscape and the Web
Author(s)Urban A. Lejeune, Jeff Duntemann, Urn Lejeune
PublisherThe Coriolis Group
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'The New Netscape & HTML EXplorer: Everything You Need to Get the Most out of Netscape and the Web':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
This book is pitched at just the right level for the Webmaster wannabes. Lest that sound derogatory, what I mean is those who are Web users, rather than currently responsible for major sites, who are curious about the full potential of the Netscape browser, who may have created a home page, and who are interested in what might come beyond. The "explorer" aspect of the title is quite appropriate in this case. About a third of the book concentrates on Netscape itself. There is some general background on the Web, including an excellent guide to URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) which thoroughly explains http, ftp, gopher and telnet listings (but not, interestingly, mailto). Actually, "itself" is wrong, since much of this material looks not only at the browser, but at the many plug-in modules which are becoming available. The remainder covers HTML (HyperText Markup Language) page creation, CGI (Common Gateway Interface) activities, tables, forms, frames, JavaScript and Java. Some of the topics; CGI, forms, JavaScript, and Java; are potentially complex, and worthy of books in their own right. What LeJeune does is present the minimal basics, which can allow the average home page creator to wade in ankle deep. An example is the CGI shell script which, without any form input, allows a page to display the date and time. It is plain, lock-step, paint-by- numbers programming, but it works. The examples may seem trivial to the professional programmer, but everyone has to walk before they can run. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1996

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Book description:

Reveals the secrets of creating tables, forms, backgrounds, and much more with HTML's extended features. Gets you up and running with Netscape's latest features, enhancements, and plug-ins. Covers the hottest Web development topics: Java applets, CGI, frames,JavaScript, and more. Includes step-by-step instructions for creating attention-getting Web pages with HTML. Contains previously undocumented ways to customize and configure Netscape. Includes CD-ROM with HomePage Creator and a variety of HTML editors for easily creating home pages; sample HTML documents and templates, including an HTML style guide; Web publishing goodies, including images, icons, symbols, audio and video clips; and full-featured plug-ins, including graphics viewers, interactive animation tools, and realtime sound players.

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