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Book details of 'McSe Training Guide: Windows Nt Server 4 Enterprise'

Cover of McSe Training Guide: Windows Nt Server 4 Enterprise
TitleMcSe Training Guide: Windows Nt Server 4 Enterprise
Author(s)Jason Sirockman, Brian Komar, Jay Adamson, Rob Scrimger, John White, Richard Scrimger
PublishedOctober 1997
PublisherNew Riders
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'McSe Training Guide: Windows Nt Server 4 Enterprise':

Reviewer wrote:
Popularly regarded as the toughest of the MCSE Core Four exams, the Windows NT Server 4 in the Enterprise test (70-68) requires you to integrate knowledge of NT Server with knowledge of NT Workstation, Windows 95, older operating systems, and various back-end transaction software. It's a difficult exam, and this book can help you prepare.Much of the Enterprise exam focuses on planning and establishing an NT network, and this book follows suit. A third of the material here addresses issues of pre-installation decision making, installation, configuration, and optimization. The protocols--NetBEUI, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and AppleTalk--also get lots of attention, and later sections address NT security, RAID, and routing.Another large portion of this book handles administration. The authors explore rights and policies and then shift to a discussion of increasingly important remote-administration issues. MCSE Training Guide: Windows NT Server 4 Enterprise completely documents Performance Monitor and Network Monitor, which figure prominently on the exam. The book wraps up with troubleshooting on both a macro (how to identify problems) and micro (how to fix specific common Remote Access Server [RAS] problems) level. Each chapter concludes with hands-on exercises and knowledge-testing review questions.A companion CD-ROM will quiz you on key concepts, keeping score as you go. However, the exam's randomization feature seems weak--it's not unusual to see the same question multiple times in the same exam.

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
This book is intended primarily as exam preparation for the "Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise" exam (#70-68) in the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer program. It covers the topics of planning, installation and configuration, managing resources, connectivity, monitoring and optimization, and troubleshooting. The exercise model in the book is quite broad. A pre-test starts each chapter, intended to allow the reader to determine a comfort level with the concepts covered, and to estimate how much time needs to be spent on the topic. A set of exercises at the end allow practice of the ideas within the actual Windows NT environment. The review questions at the end of the chapter are somewhat limited in both number and scope, and the answers provided are limited in terms of explaining the choices. There are highlighted "ExamTips" throughout. These help the student to recognize the giveaways in the exam. Since many MCSE exam questions rely on vocabulary rather than knowledge, I consider this to be a fair procedure and a helpful advantage to the student. The organization of the book is designed around the logical divisions consistent with the MCSE exam. Because of this, the book does not work well as either a reference or a tutorial. Given the intention of the book, this is fair, but the result is that the reader should be very well familiar with Windows NT before starting with the training guide. This book may very well be a training guide, in terms of pointing out areas that need to be addressed, but it is not a training resource. A separate book is probably needed in order to fully address issues with which the reader is not comfortable. The authors state that the reader should be able to pass the exam using only their book. This is possibly true, but if so, it applies only to those field independent learners who are able to memorize and regurgitate content without needing to understand it. One aspect of the book is a rather profound trust in diagrams. While helpful for many, diagrams are not a useful teaching device for everyone. The concepts being expressed are not always clearly evident in the graphics, at least not for those who don't already know the material. Exercises are included at the end of the chapter, so that conceptual material can be viewed in action onscreen. In theory, this could be quite valuable to the student. In practice, though, many aspects of the work rely on the existence not only of appropriate hardware and networking, but also on specific software and design implementations. The introduction does suggest a minimum hardware configuration, but the stipulated system seems to be simply a workstation capable of running Windows NT. Even after taking formal training courses, a great many people have trouble with the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer exams. A training guide for test practice is worth serious consideration. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1997

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Book description:

This Microsoft-approved, comprehensive training guide contains everything you need to completely prepare for the "Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise" exam. This guide helps you stay on the cutting edge by taking advantage of the experience and expertise of the masters. Don't wait-learn from the experts and achieve certification. It provides complete coverage of Exam 70-68 including: planning; installation and configuration;managing resources; connectivity; monitoring and optimization; and troubleshooting. The CD-ROM includes the exclusive TestPrep software. Prepares administrators for the Enterprise Exam without expensive, time-consuming study coursesCovers planning, installing, configuring, managing resources, connectivity, monitoring, optimizing, and troubleshootingThe guide contains hundreds of test questions, lists, tables, notes, tips, and tricksIncludes the TestPrep exam simulator; random-order test questions to test your knowledge; exam-like questions, objectives, and scoring methods; and electronic flash cards help you study for maximum retention of pertinent information.

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