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Book details of 'MCSE Training Guide: Windows 95 70-64 Exam (Covers Exam #70-064)'

Cover of MCSE Training Guide: Windows 95 70-64 Exam (Covers Exam #70-064)
TitleMCSE Training Guide: Windows 95 70-64 Exam (Covers Exam #70-064)
Author(s)Edward Tetz, Ed Wilson, Daniel A. Lauer, Joseph Phillips
PublisherNew Riders
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'MCSE Training Guide: Windows 95 70-64 Exam (Covers Exam #70-064)':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
Part one contains the curriculum material for the various topics of the exam. Chapter one reviews information on planning for Windows 95 installation and networking. Although understandable, in view of the proprietary nature of the exam, it is unfortunate that the text sticks so closely to the Microsoft party line, as this seriously reduces the utility in the real world. All chapters contain a set of pre-test questions as well as exercises and review questions: at least two of the questions raised in the pre-test are not answered in the course of this chapter. There is a walk-through of the common installation procedure in chapter two. Network installation, in chapter three, provides fairly minimal explanation before proceeding through Wizard screens. Chapter four looks at sharing of resources, and other security related (and some unrelated) topics. Oddly, some topics are promised and then not delivered. For example, more than once the text notes that topics to be covered include the monitoring of access to shared directories and files. Finally, buried at the bottom of one page, it is admitted that Microsoft makes no provision for such monitoring. Cooperation with NT, NetWare, and the Internet is covered in chapter five. Performance tools are listed in chapter six. Chapter seven discusses troubleshooting resources and tools. Part two contains two full practice exams. The authors state that the book is intended to include not only material to prepare the reader to take the Windows 95 (#70-64) exam, but also to use Windows 95 in the real world. While some such content is provided, trying to use this text as a reference guide for supporting the system would likely be very frustrating. As a guide to the exam itself the book works better, but there are still some gaps and shortcomings. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1998

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Book description:

Covers the NEW Windows 95 core exam-Exam #70-64--Implementing and Supporting Windows 95 (Exam 70-63 retired March 98, subject to change)Study test questions and practice taking the exam with the exclusive TestPrep test engine on the CD-ROMApproved by Microsoft as Microsoft Certified Professional study material

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