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Book details of 'Isdn for Dummies'

Cover of Isdn for Dummies
TitleIsdn for Dummies
Author(s)David Angell
PublishedOctober 1995
PublisherHungry Minds, Inc
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Isdn for Dummies':

Reviewer wrote:
Until recently, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) was the butt of net-gurus' jokes, who claimed that it actually stood for "It Still Does Nothing". Now that ISDN is finally coming of age and being deployed internationally by telephone companies and others -- and promises to deliver high-speed data, audio, video, and real videoconferencing capabilities to homes and office -- everyone is beginning to realize that ISDN may in fact stand for "I Smell Dollars Now". As a former ISP employee who has dealt with telcos, I can honestly say that after reading this book, you might know more about ISDN than your service provider.

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
In chapter two, we are told the PRI (Primary Rate Interface, the large economy size of ISDN) is beyond the scope of the book. Fair enough, on a practical level, although conceptually rather odd. BRI (Basic Rate Interface) is what most home or small office users will want. But then why does Appendix B give us over forty pages of detail on ISDN wiring and power guidelines? This inconsistency of level is unfortunately typical of the book. The introductory section explaining ISDN and its benefits is vague and undependable. (Or even self-contradictory: we are told in one place that ISDN lines are $15 a month, and fifteen pages later they are $50 a month.) Yet chapters three and four, on the basic requirements for service, equipment, and setup, are very good. Much of chapters five through sixteen simply describe specific products. As usual, the later chapters give company contact information. Probably useful, but not altogether reliable. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1997

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Book description:

Readers can get up to speed with the latest cutting-edge communications technology. ISDN is the affordable way to transfer on-line data fast with a more efficient Internet connection. This book covers the fundamentals of ISDN configuration setups, video conferencing & telecommuting.

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