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Book details of 'Isdn: How to Get a High-Speed Connection to the Internet'

Cover of Isdn: How to Get a High-Speed Connection to the Internet
TitleIsdn: How to Get a High-Speed Connection to the Internet
Author(s)Charles Summers, Bryant Dunetz
PublishedJanuary 1996
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Isdn: How to Get a High-Speed Connection to the Internet':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
It was kind of boring until page nine. After having told us that ISDN was good, that ISDN was probably available, and that ISDN equipment could be found, that was where they'd placed a section entitled "You May Still Need a Specialist to Assist". What!?! Look, I know you need a high speed serial port; I know ISDN service isn't available everywhere; I know it may be difficult finding ISDN hardware, ISDN Internet service, or someone at the telco who even knows what ISDN *is*; but once you have that, connecting it up isn't that much harder than dealing with a slightly non-standard modem! Well, they do give you a *little* information. There is, for example, the warning not to replace your analog phone line with ISDN unless you have backup power in the case of a blackout. (ISDN lines and devices are not "line powered" as are analog phones.) There is some discussion of switches and routers, which is unnecessary if you are using ISDN in the home or home office but too little if you are connecting a corporation. There is a section on premises wiring which is irrelevant unless you are a telco. And there are four chapters on the ISDN protocols which are extraneous unless you are *developing* ISDN hardware and devices. Appendix B, however, may be worthwhile. It is a list of ISDN products and vendors. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1996

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