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Book details of 'Ipng Internet Protocol Next Generation'

Cover of Ipng Internet Protocol Next Generation
TitleIpng Internet Protocol Next Generation
Author(s)Scott O. Bradner, Allison Mankin
PublisherAddison-Wesley Pub Co
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Ipng Internet Protocol Next Generation':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
The Internet is huge, useful and efficient. And, as with any such entity, it turns out not to be huge, useful and efficient enough. The Internet will allow more addresses than there are computers on the planet: therefore there is a desire to have enough addresses so that each individual on the planet can have a few dozen. The Internet can accommodate any type of data application: therefore there is a desire to run real time applications such as voice and video. The Internet makes the most effective use of multiple data channels between any two points: therefore there is a desire for effective use of all channels and points simultaneously. Internet applications rely on services provided by the current (IPv4) foundational Internet protocols. Future developments will require a new generation of basic amenities. This work includes papers by over forty authors describing the problems, concerns and proposed solutions involved in the task of specifying the IPng. The standards process; business, industry and government concerns; new technologies; new features; migration considerations; and proposed candidates are all examined. Few may be interested in this field. Great care, though, has been taken to ensure that all the material in this book is accessible not only to the technical audience, but also to those managers and executives who, while they may not build the next generation of networks, must choose, buy and support them. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1995

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