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Book details of 'Internet Security Dictionary'

Cover of Internet Security Dictionary
TitleInternet Security Dictionary
Author(s)Vir V. Phoha
PublishedJuly 2002
PublisherSpringer Verlag Pub (Computer Bks)
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Internet Security Dictionary':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
There are a few decent computer dictionaries extent, and at least a half dozen really good communications dictionaries among the many that have been published. However, until this, there was no security dictionary available in printed form, and there has been a need for one. (In fact, I've been working on one for a while, so, boring as it may be, I have to declare yet another possible conflict of interest.) There are 1,400 terms defined, but a number are simply minor variations on a theme. (There are, for example, twelve phrases beginning with "access.") Much of the material is based the old US military terminology from the (now, generally) superceded "Rainbow series" (which is listed), and so there are a number of traditional but obsolete expressions. Some new and slang terms have been included, but some of these are only very vaguely related to the security topic. (The phrase "ankle-biter" is defined as a synonym for "script kiddie," but this term is generally used for a young, or inexperienced, neophyte in any technical field, and doesn't have a specific meaning in security.) Definitions tend to be terse, and may lack necessary detail. (The definition of "Chernobyl packet" seems to fit a smurf attack [also listed], but, due to the lack of information, it is impossible to tell.) An attempt has been made to make sure the material is up to date: Carnivore is listed (but not wardialling or wadriving). (The definitions for virus and worm are, as usual, unfortunate.) Overall, despite the problems, this is a useful reference. Primarily, of course, this is because it is the first of its type. However, it does cover a reasonable range of the security field, and is, for the most part, reliable within limits. However, I would hope that the content is updated, expanded, and improved relatively soon, and regularly thereafter. copyright Robert M. Slade, 2002

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Book description:

The explosive growth of the Internet, inherent flaws in its basic structure, and the need to transfer sensitive information for Internet applications like electronic mail, Internet banking and Internet commerce have resulted in serious security concerns. This dictionary provides authoritative definitions and descriptions of terms related to Internet security. The Internet Security Dictionary details over 1,800 terms and covers eight main areas: * Authentication, including biometrics, encryption/public key infrastructure, digital signatures, time-stamping, and certificate management * Encryption * Network-level security, including IP, IPSec, SHTTP, and SSL * Firewalls and remote management * Internet security policies, risk analysis, integration across platforms, management and auditing * Mobile code security, Java/Active X/scripts, and mobile agent code * Virus protection and intrusion detection * Security in Internet commerce. Security experts from around the world have been consulted in both the content and organization of the dictionary to ensure authoritative, comprehensive coverage. An accompanying CD-ROM contains the entire content of the dictionary as well as additional web resources.

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