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Book details of 'Internet Firewalls and Network Security'

Cover of Internet Firewalls and Network Security
TitleInternet Firewalls and Network Security
Author(s)Karanjit, Ph.D. Siyan, Chris Hare, New Riders Development Group
PublishedJanuary 1995
PublisherNew Riders
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Internet Firewalls and Network Security':

Reviewer wrote:
Internet Firewalls and Network Security succeeds precisely because of its restricted focus: half of this book is devoted to firewalls and packet filters. After a comprehensive introduction to the architecture and theory of firewalls, the guide documents several commercial and noncommercial packages, including a shareware product included on the bundled CD-ROM. One of the book's highlights is a fine chapter on defining a network policy. Coauthor Chris Hare is a contributor to SysAdmin magazine, and it shows. This section feels like it was written for real-world network administrators, whether beginning or experienced. There are some weaker points, including an introduction to TCP/IP and Unix basics with too many details for the beginner and too few for the expert. But these flaws are more than offset by the depth of information you'll find on the book's core subjects.

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
The introduction states that this book is for those who already realize the risks of attaching a system to the Internet. This extreme limitation of audience may explain the poverty of the tutorial materials, lack of overall organization, and uneven content. Those who are building firewalls know that information is hard to get, and they are willing to go for just about anything. There is a fair amount of material in the book. It tends to jump from definitions which are simplistic almost to the point of inaccuracy on one page, to technical minutiae on the next, so this is a work to be battled with in order to extract the goods. The difficulty is not reduced by the fact that the authors insist on defining, not too explicitly, new jargon. It is therefore difficult to assess whether advice about firewall architecture is truly as pedestrian as it sounds, or merely confused wording. A possibly useful feature is the inclusion of material on specific packet screening and firewall systems. This is quite limited, and does not address the new "complete kit" firewall systems currently coming to market. It does mention some PC-based screening routers which may be helpful for testing and experimentation. Some text, such as the section on mailing lists and other electronic contracts, appears based on material that is three or more years old. (More up-to-date material is provided in Appendix B.) I recall a story about a network-connected system which had been "secured" by removing its "outbound" capability. The transmit pins, on the device connected to the Internet, had been physically sheared off. To demonstrate this, the team "sent" a ping to a remote site--and got an immediate response. As it turned out, the machine was also connected to an internal network, and the routing tables had found a gateway which eventually fed out to the Internet. Network security is complex. You will need to work at it. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1995

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