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Book details of 'Ethernet Configuration Guidelines: A Quick Reference Guide to the Official Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)'

TitleEthernet Configuration Guidelines: A Quick Reference Guide to the Official Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)
Author(s)Charles Haddon Spurgeon
PublishedSeptember 1995
PublisherThe Coriolis Group
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Ethernet Configuration Guidelines: A Quick Reference Guide to the Official Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
A local area network is a more complicated beast than a personal computer. But there is no reason for a LAN to be a deep and mysterious secret, guarded by systems integrators who charge a hundred percent markup on every piece of hardware *plus* ninety-dollars-an-hour-with-a-two-hour-callout every time they decide you need a new network interface card. With a little background and some study any reasonably intelligent person can design, build and maintain their own network; particularly the five-to-twelve station systems needed by most small businesses. There are lots of books on how to build a network. (You have to be careful: a large number of them only know one network operating system. But you can get some guidance.) The trouble comes when they start talking about wiring, which, for most systems, is still what holds the network together. (And mostly by Ethernet.) You tend to get such vital information as "twisted pair has two wires twisted around each other, coaxial cable has a wire down the middle and fibre optic cable uses light. We're not sure how. Now go call a contractor." The result is a number of networks which have been patched together without regard to the physical limitations of the cable. Almost all of them work, but not as well as they could. (The systems integrators generally read the same books you did, they just had more gall.) Enter Spurgeon. He has taken the official rules and specifications (IEEE 802.3, for those who care) and extracted the practical and pragmatic guidelines necessary for basic (and some more than basic) networks. There is a tutorial on Ethernet, details of the various 10 Mbps (Mega-bit-per-second) types of cabling media, 100 Mbps, segment configuration guidelines and calculations, hubs, cable specifications and some examples. The important early chapters are clearly written and lucid enough for the determined layman. (Later chapters become more complex, particularly in dealing with trip delay calculations. Taken slowly, though, they should be workable for anyone.) For those planning their own network, this is one essential and practical part. For those still trying to look like systems integrators, this should reduce your Mallox dependency. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1996

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