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Book details of 'Data Link Protocols'

Cover of Data Link Protocols
TitleData Link Protocols
Author(s)Uyless D. Black
PublishedFebruary 1993
PublisherPrentice Hall PTR
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Data Link Protocols':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
Much of what goes on at the physical layer level in data communications is mature technology, fixed in hardware. The network, internetwork and higher layers vary widely depending upon situation and application. The data link layer is the one most in need of study and understanding. This is the layer concerned with the actual transmission of data, and its reliable receipt. Three chapters relate to the basic concepts of the data link layer, an introduction, error detection and correction, and controls. The remainder of the book concentrates on the specific protocols; BSC, HDLC, LAPB, LAPD, LAN protocols, LLC and so forth. Two chapters are of particular interest to the online community, covering asynchronous file transfer protocols (X modem and descendents, Kermit, and others) and LAPM (Link Access Protocol for Microcomputers or V.42). Frame relay and Internet protocols are touched on. This work deals with the concepts rather than implementations. The actual programming of specific protocols will require additional detail. However, for an understanding of the options at this layer in the stack, this is a good starting source. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1995

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Book description:

The only reference and tutorial on the market covering all the major data link protocols in use in industry. (Data link protocols (DLPs) manage the flow of data across a communications path and ensure that this traffic arrives error-free at the receiving machine.) Examines relative merit and pros/cons of each. Covers both synchronous and asynchronous protocols as well as WAN and LAN links. Protocols covered include: LAPD, LAPB, LEEE LAN Link Protocols, LAPM, Frame Relay, Internet Link Protocols, SDLC as well as wireless link protocols. The value of these protocols for their underlying network technologies is examined; for example the relationship of LAPD to ISDN nets or LAPB to X.25 nets. For programmers, engineers, project managers responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining communication systems using data link protocols.

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