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Book details of 'Windows 95 and NT Networking: A Guide for Professionals'

Cover of Windows 95 and NT Networking: A Guide for Professionals
TitleWindows 95 and NT Networking: A Guide for Professionals
Author(s)Wayne Robertson, Edward C. Koop
PublishedOctober 1996
PublisherComputing McGraw-Hill
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Windows 95 and NT Networking: A Guide for Professionals':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
The intended audience seems to be everyone. This makes it difficult both to write the book and to assess it. For a rank beginner the book should provide some introduction to the areas to be addressed, but overall it fails to provide the detail at any level necessary to get networks to run. Chapter one purports to be an overview of the two operating systems, but reads more like a sales brochure, failing to look seriously at the competition or the shortcomings of the products. Network architecture is discussed in chapter two, but so is a whole range of topics from cabling to IP (Internet Protocol) addressing, and therefore the coverage in any area is quite brief. Windows NT is presented in more detail, but still in promotional mode, in chapter three. Chapter four does start to get into a useful level of technicality, but this only serves to point out the surprising fact that the book is based strictly on NT version 3.5. Therefore the connectivity discussion in chapter five becomes moot, since most of the setup options have been significantly changed in the more recent version. The same holds true for the coverage of Novell NetWare support in chapter six. The look at Windows 95 is chapter seven is slightly more realistic. The authors do admit that "Plug and Play" promises more than it delivers, and that installation of 95 might not be a cakewalk. I found it odd that the book did not address questions of more concern to experienced MS-DOS and Windows 3.x users, such as the fact that MSDOS.SYS has changed from an untouchable binary file to a text file that the authors recommend modifying. Chapter eight is supposed to deal with network settings in the Registry, but most of the material describes other, general areas of configuration. A number of aspects of Microsoft networking are mentioned in chapter nine, but without a lot of logic to the organization. The explanation of Windows 95 connectivity to Novell NetWare is much more detailed in chapter ten than was the case in chapter six, but chapters eleven and twelve seem to cover the same ground, albeit from slightly different perspectives. Chapter thirteen looks very briefly at other networks. The lack of coverage of NT 4.0 would be a major failing were it not for the fact that the book does not deal with NT at any depth. Windows 95 gets by far the larger share of the ink, and the work may be useful for those who are still integrating 95 clients into a NetWare environment. copyright Robert M. Slade, 1998

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Book description:

As the challenge of connecting Windows 95 desktops to network file servers looms larger, an essential road map is needed by IS professionals involved in installing network systems for Windows 95 or Windows NT clients. This important guide provides a step-by-step approach to windows and NT network installation, with special emphasis on Windows NT Advanced Server. Drawing upon their many years of networking experience, the authors explain how to network Windows 95 with Novell NetWare environment. Their clear, concise instructions are supplemented with a wealth of illustrative screen shots, tables, and diagrams. In addition, the included disk contains a variety of valuable shareware utilities to assist in networking Windows 95, NT, and NetWare.

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