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Book details of '10 Minute Guide to the Internet'

Title10 Minute Guide to the Internet
Author(s)Peter Kent, Alpha Development Group
PublishedJanuary 1994
PublisherAlpha Books
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of '10 Minute Guide to the Internet':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
There are twenty "lessons" here. Each could be read in ten minutes. The material provides a basic grounding in email, UNIX, Usenet news, mailing lists, Gopher, telnet, ftp, archie, WAIS and World Wide Web. The book starts out by assuming that you are already connected to an Internet provider with a UNIX shell account--then, immediately talks about the different types of connections, the equipment you need, configuring your system, and navigating menus on the Colorado Supernet. Most of this material (particularly the chapter on setting up your modem) is too rushed to be of any use. The later chapters are better, though some are disorganized (chapters six and eight both cover email--first with Pine and then with mail), or limited (chapter eleven covers BITNET LISTSERVs--and *only* BITNET LISTSERVs). Kent provides definitions, notes and warnings throughout the text. The warnings point out valuable information and common pitfalls, such as the delays you may experience using telnet, or the differences between the DOS and UNIX command line. After the first five chapters, the book is a decent enough introduction to basic network services. It does not, however, have the quality of the comparable "Zen and the Art of the Internet" (see reviews). This is a pity, since Kent has demonstrated his ability to provide better content in both "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet" (see reviews) and "The Complete Idiot's Next Step on the Internet" (see reviews). copyright Robert M. Slade, 1995

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Book description:

The quick and easy guide to understanding and navigating the Internet, the world's largest network. Readers follow concise, 10-minute lessons to learn about everything from hardware to email, from downloading files to participating in news groups.Mini-tutorials are easy to follow and packed with helpful tips, definitions, and troubleshooting adviceSpecific directions on how to get the most out of the InternetHow to choose hardware and software, send and receive email, download files, connect to other computers, and more

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