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Book details of 'Mysql and Perl for the Web'

Cover of Mysql and Perl for the Web
TitleMysql and Perl for the Web
Author(s)Paul DuBois
PublishedAugust 2001
PublisherNew Riders Publishing
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Mysql and Perl for the Web':

Reviewer wrote:
Once in a while a book comes along that covers an area of development that has previously been largely ignored. Both MySQL and Perl are well documented in several tutorials, but in-depth coverage of Web development using the combination of the two is rare. MySQL and Perl for the Web zeroes in on this interesting pairing, illustrating practical application development possibilities using this popular duo. The book is perfect for developers of Web sites running on Apache on Unix. Loyalties vary in terms of operating systems, Web servers, and scripting languages, but those who find their home in the Unix and Perl environments will find this book right up their alleys. The target audience is developers somewhat familiar with Perl and the Unix-based Web server environment, but you'll find the book illustrative even if your knowledge is sketchy. After showing how to make database connections using Perl and MySQL, author Paul DuBois dives into some useful real-world examples to help you build your skills. He shows how to implement a simple to-do list application, an online product registration site, contests, online polls, image databases, an online greeting card service, and more. There is also excellent coverage of search facilities and session management. The sample code for the applications in this text is presented in small pieces in context with the discussion; most of the space is devoted to explanations of the issues and implementation. All of the code is available, however, from the book's companion Web site. This tutorial is an excellent way for Perl developers to move to the next level of development and make the most of some powerful, free tools.

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Book description:

"MySQL and Perl for the Web" provides a much-needed handbook for database and Web developers seeking an extensive and detailed guide for using the combination of MySQL and Perl to build dynamic and interactive database-backed Web sites. It shows how to use Perl's DBI database access module, pairing it with with the module that allows Web pages and forms to be generated and processed easily. These tools provide developers with a solid foundation for creating applications that incorporate database content to create dynamic, up-to-date Web sites. The book employs a practical learn-by-doing approach that demonstrates development techniques by building complete applications, not just fragmentary pieces. It shows what to do at each step of the way during the process of building live, working examples. Applications are fully explained so you can understand how they work and apply the techniques they illustrate to your own projects. With "MySQL and Perl for the Web" you will learn how to: -Build database-backed Web sites using MySQL, Perl, and Apache -Access MySQL from Perl with DBI -Use to create dynamic Web pages based on database content -Design form-based applications to collect and edit database information over the Web -Upload, store, and display images using MySQL -Write interactive database search interfaces -Use database metadata to automate form generation and processing -Protect your MySQL installation and Web site from intruders -Use sessions for state maintenance -Learn E-commerce techniques -Use MySQL to improve customer service -Credit card processing -Write libraries for easy access to commonly used code -Use mod_perl to improve Web site performance -Use mod_ssl to implement secure connections -Conduct polls and solicit feedback -Integrate email capabilities into your applications -Write scheduled database tasks -Generate navigational aids from database content -Validate form input and prevent user tampering

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