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Book details of 'PC Fear Factor: The Ultimate PC Disaster Prevention Guide'

Cover of PC Fear Factor: The Ultimate PC Disaster Prevention Guide
TitlePC Fear Factor: The Ultimate PC Disaster Prevention Guide
Author(s)Alan D. Luber
PublishedOctober 2002
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'PC Fear Factor: The Ultimate PC Disaster Prevention Guide':

Reviewer bob garfunkel wrote:
The previous reviewer is out of his gourd. This is the most useful, well written computer book I have ever purchased. The reviews on Amazon are also very positive.

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
The introduction states that the book is aimed at non-technical users, but doesn't further refine the purpose beyond saying that bad things happen to computers. We are also told that a system administrator is really a risk manager (which may come as a surprise to a number of sysadmins), and that if you read this book you will never have to worry about computer disasters again. Even after reading chapter one I am not sure what the "root of all computer disasters" is, although I suppose that there is a fair chance that he means hard drives. There is a lot of irrelevant detail about the physical operations of drives, and Luber also is obviously confused between old hard drive crashes (caused when the heads physically contacted the platter, which was spinning at high speed) and modern "crashes," generally caused by bad pointers or other data errors. In chapter two, Luber recommends, with opinions, but not much in the way of proof or backup, a bunch of software. Chapter three offers us more opinions, this time about buying a PC. Setting up a new PC is covered in chapter four. Most of chapter five prints documentation for a couple of antivirus programs and a firewall. A decent discussion of backup strategy, and more documentation of a backup program, is in chapter six. A manual for another backup program is in chapter seven. Restoring a backup comes in chapter eight. Chapter nine advises on maintenance. Some hoary old myths about risky activities (using shareware, for example) are recycled in chapter ten. In one sense, Luber is right. If you keep your data backed up, you will be able to recover from pretty much any kind of disaster. On the other hand, I have said that in one sentence, and the book is over 300 pages long. copyright Robert M. Slade, 2002

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Book description:

What would you do if the hard drive containing a year's worth of financial data and your wedding photos suddenly stops working? What would you do if Internet hackers run off with your credit card numbers and rack up several thousand dollars in 1-900 calls? Most people never even remotely consider the possibility of a computer disaster, but instead take it for granted that their computer will always work. Inevitably, disaster strikes in various forms, from hardware failures to hackers, fires, floods, and even simple human error. PC Fear Factor: The Ultimate PC Disaster Prevention Guide is the first line of defense in keeping safe from these all-too-real situations. This book provides non-technical computer users with the ability to prevent computer disasters wherever possible, and the ability to recover from unavoidable disasters quickly, easily, and completely.

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