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Book details of 'Rastus Reilly (or Hammett, Dickens, Lovecraft, Laurel, and Hardy on Bad Acid)'

Cover of Rastus Reilly (or Hammett, Dickens, Lovecraft, Laurel, and Hardy on Bad Acid)
TitleRastus Reilly (or Hammett, Dickens, Lovecraft, Laurel, and Hardy on Bad Acid)
Author(s)Steve Kelly
PublishedOctober 2000
PublisherWriters Club Press/
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Rastus Reilly (or Hammett, Dickens, Lovecraft, Laurel, and Hardy on Bad Acid)':

Reviewer Ryan Carroll wrote:
Steve Kelly's humorous novel "Rastus Reilly (or Hammett, Dickens, Lovecraft, Laurel, and Hardy on Bad Acid)" is a comic gem. I've just read this book a second time and am making a point of recommending it to my friends and to everybody reading here. This is a very crazy novel. In fact it's not so much a novel as a satire of novels. The author gets you interested in the story but there's some kind of gag on every page, so Kelly's book manages to mock every novel-writing convention, in the process of mocking itself. "The Maltese Falcon" is lampooned, as are H.P. Lovecraft's, and to a lesser extent Dickens's work specifically, but the humor ranges widely beyond just these targets. It's sharp but underlyingly good-natured humor. I'll never forget these patently ripe characters: a Sam Spade type, Jake Stalker, who seems to be coming out of the closet, Lucretia Faversham, elderly dowager, in search of rejuvenation while revelling in all the common vices, Veronica Volupturini, globe-trotting golddigger, Haggie the gin-swilling receptionist, Rastus Reilly himself, whose mere description is hilariously unforgettable, and a larger congregation of strangely loveable misfits Kelly describes bluntly as "lowlife swine." They're rather sweet swine, though, and that's part of what makes them funny. One character's impossibly long surname evokes conversational byplay that puts Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First" to shame: this alone would make the book worth its price, but the laughs keep coming, from every direction. Bizarre characterization is certainly a strong point. The setting is Boston, Massachusetts, and a treasure-hunting cruise from there to the Caribbean, in the 1930s. Pacing is leisurely at first but the story builds to an adventurous conclusion. The tone can best be described as ridiculous. The writing style parodies numerous styles, as suggested by the subtitle, and manages to do this not just effectively, but fluidly as well: Kelly is a genuinely talented writer. The plot is simply a framework for laughter. The good guys, led by old lady Faversham and her hired gun Jake Stalker, have found out there is an ancient Secret of Eternal Youth, and they're chasing after it, hotly pursued by a fat and skinny pair of archly evil bad guys. I said this was a very crazy book. So if you like Crazy you'll love it. I did, enough to read it all over again, six months after my first reading, and I picked up on jokes I'd missed the first time. A+ for humor.

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Book description:

This novel does to Sam Spade what 'Austin Powers' did to James Bond. Groovy baby? Swell kid! Lucretia Faversham, eminent Boston dowager, is on her last legs. She knows there is a Secret of Eternal Youth, hidden from mankind for centuries, but very real. Private eye Jake Stalker may be just the man to find it for her, but the path to the secret, is paved with terrible perils. Will Jake be able to seize the Secret from the fearsome Elder Gods? Or will he get drunk instead? Maybe go to the pictures? Or just hang around someplace? Who the hell cares anyway? Just read the book. It's funny.

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