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Book details of 'Freedom From Judgment'

Cover of Freedom From Judgment
TitleFreedom From Judgment
Author(s)Andreas Moritz
PublishedMarch 2002
Publisher1stBooks Library
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Freedom From Judgment':

Reviewer Andreas Moritz wrote:
Do you know that there is a place inside you -- hidden beneath the appearance of thoughts, feelings and emotions -- that does not know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, light and dark? From that place you embrace the opposite values of life as One. In this sacred place you are at peace with yourself and at peace with your world.? Andreas Moritz In Freedom From Judgment, best-selling author Andreas Moritz poignantly exposes the illusion of duality. He outlines a simple way to remove every limitation that you have imposed upon yourself during the course of living duality. You will be prompted to see yourself and the world through a new lens - the lens of clarity, discernment and non-judgment. And you are about to find out that mistakes, accidents, coincidences, negativity, deception, injustice, wars, crime and terrorism all have a deeper purpose and meaning in the larger scheme of things. So naturally, much of what you are about to read may conflict with the beliefs you currently hold. Yet you are not asked to change your beliefs or opinions. Instead you are asked to have an open mind, for only an open mind can enjoy freedom from judgment. Our personal views and our worldviews are currently challenged by a crisis of identity. Some are being shattered altogether. The collapse of our current World Order forces humanity to deal with the most basic issues of existence. You can no longer avoid taking responsibility for the things that happen to you. When you do accept responsibility, you also empower and heal yourself. Freedom From Judgment shows you how you create or subdue your ability to fulfill your desires. Furthermore, you will find intriguing explanations about the mystery of time, the truth and illusion of reincarnation, the misleading value of prayer, what makes relationships work and why so often they don't. Find out why injustice is an illusion that has managed to haunt us throughout the ages. Learn about our original separation from the Source of life and what this means with regard to the current waves of instability and fear so many of us are experiencing. Find out how to identify the angels living amongst us and why we all have light-bodies. You will have the opportunity to find the ultimate God within you and discover why a God seen as separate from yourself keeps you from being in your Divine Power and happiness. In addition, you can find out how to heal yourself at a moment's notice. Read all about the "New Medicine" and the destiny of the old medicine, the old economy, the old religion and the old world.

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