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Book details of 'Defining Vision: The Battle for the Future of Television '

Cover of Defining Vision: The Battle for the Future of Television
TitleDefining Vision: The Battle for the Future of Television
Author(s)Joel Brinkley
PublishedAugust 1998
PublisherHarvest Books
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Defining Vision: The Battle for the Future of Television ':

Reviewer wrote:
High-definition television (HDTV) will dramatically increase the quality of the display of traditional television as well as the much-anticipated set-top-box computer/television hybrids. And every major electronics company--and the U.S. and Japanese governments--is already imagining the unimaginably large financial rewards to be reaped by those lucky enough to have perfected the right gear at the right time: just about every piece of hardware in the television industry will be replaced or supplanted, from your television to the international broadcast infrastructure. Brinkley's book introduces us to the major institutions and individuals from industry, government, and academia involved in this frantic race, and does an admirable job of untangling their labyrinthine relations. My only quibble with the book is that it should have included at least a few color photos of HDTV compared to regular TV. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the future of television technology--before it happens.

Reviewer wrote:
High-definition, all-digital TV is on the way and--someday--may actually arrive. But the story of how this multibillion-dollar business was conceived, why cynical broadcasters jumped on the bandwagon, how a competing Japanese standard sent congress into a panic; how U.S. companies researched, jockeyed, lobbied, spied, and bribed to set the HDTV standard; and how the government's tax greed almost unraveled the whole mess after a decade of expensive development, is one of the great American muddles of our time. Joel Brinkley covers the brilliant engineering, the corporate gyrations, the clumsy interventions of government, and the Cassandra voices of the press, that finally, and against all odds, led to the creation of a workable HDTV standard.

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