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Book details of 'Incident Response'

Cover of Incident Response
TitleIncident Response
Author(s)Kenneth R. Van Wyk, Richard Forno
PublishedJuly 2001
PublisherO'Reilly & Associates
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The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Incident Response':

Reviewer Rob Slade wrote:
Incident response has, in the past, received short shrift in security literature. It is also a rather vague term: what type of an incident are we talking about? how big? What type of response are we considering? protective? defensive? offensive? The authors have provided us a starting point for consideration and the benefit of some years of experience, but this work is, unfortunately, less detailed than it might have been. Chapter one does not do a good job of defining incident response: the examples are instructive, but the material wanders through a number of topics without developing any central focus. There is an examination of the strengths and shortcomings of various types of response teams, such as those internal to companies, related to vendors, or established by security management companies, in chapter two. Planning, in chapter three, has some good points to consider, but doesn't offer a lot of guidance. Chapter four, entitled "Mission and Capabilities," seems to be the core of the book, touching on staff, positions, training, legal considerations, procedures, and other issues. A wide-ranging list of attack types, albeit with very terse descriptions, is given in chapter five. The incident handling model presented in chapter six is vague but reasonable. Chapter seven contains quick overviews of a number of detection tools, mostly software. A few resources, generally Web sites, are given in chapter eight. This book is the result of considerable background and practice. While there are no obvious errors and the material presents good advice, it is hard to be excited about the result. Overall, the book seems to lack direction, and fails to present a structured and clear guide to the preparations necessary for dealing with computer incidents. However, in the absence of other material it is better than nothing, and does raise the issues to be addressed. In response to the first draft of this review, one of the authors has responded that the intent of the book was not to address the techniques of incident response, but to provide management with an understanding of the subject. That statement fits with the text, but is in some opposition to the assertion in the preface that the book is aimed at all would need to respond to incidents, including systems administrators and other technical people. copyright Robert M. Slade, 2001

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Book description:

Seventy percent of businesses reported security breaches in 2000, and the rate is on the rise. Is your organization ready to respond to such an incident head-on? Will you be able to tell whether an incident is an attack or a glitch in the system? Do you know how to assess the possible damage from an incident? Incident Response shows you how to answer questions like these and create a plan for exactly what to do before, during, and after an incident. The authors of Incident Response draw on years of experience developing and taking part in incident response teams at the highest levels of government and business. They guide you through both the technical and administrative details of effective incident response planning as they describe: What incident response is, and the problems of distinguishing real risk from perceived risk The different types of incident response teams, and advantages and disadvantages of each Planning and establishing an incident response team State of the HackĀ® information about different types of attacks Recommendations and details about available tools for incident response teams Resources available to incident response teams Whatever your organization's size or purpose, Incident Response shows how to put in place an incident-response process that's as planned, efficient, and businesslike as any other IT operation in a mature organization. Incidents happen, and being able to respond to them effectively makes good business sense.

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