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Book details of 'Sphere'

Cover of Sphere
Author(s)Michael Crichton
PublishedOctober 1999
PublisherEcono-Clad Books
PublisherBt Bound
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Score: score: 4.3 ****-  Vote for this book

The Virtual Bookcase Reviews of 'Sphere':

Reviewer Koos van den Hout wrote:
I've read multiple Crichton books and the thing that I found 'not very Crichton' in this book was the fact that people die in it. Otherwise the quality and style in books we expect from Chrichton. A very intense set of things happening within a reasonable short timeframe, which leaves the reader thinking at the end 'all this happened in this short amount of time?' This book has more 'psychological thriller' to it than other Crichton books. The reader follows a set of scientists and starts to discover things about them that are unexpected when they are subjected to a strange environment. Must read? Maybe. For a Chrichton fan: yes. For others: maybe.

Reviewer Mirjam van Vroonhoven wrote:
The first Crighton book I ever read. I liked it very much, kept on reading and reading. A team of scientists (physicist, mathematician, biologists, and a psychologist) is sent to the middle of the Pacific ocean, and has to work together to investigate a mysterious spaceship, that might be of alien origin. It is nice to see the psychology develop during the story, characters developing under the stressful situation. The science of diving into the deep-sea is well thought after. It is exciting and you don't know how it will end until the last page.

Reviewer wrote:
Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton is possibly the best science teacher for the masses since H.G. Wells, and Sphere, his thriller about a mysterious spherical spaceship at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, is classic Crichton. A group of not-very-complex characters (portrayed in the film by Sharon Stone, Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Queen Latifah) assemble to solve a cleverly designed roller coaster of a mystery while attempting (with mixed success) to avoid sudden death and expounding (much more successfully) on the latest, coolest scientific ideas, including the existence of black holes. Somehow, Crichton manages to convey the complicated stuff in utterly simplistic prose, making him, as his old pal Steven Spielberg puts it, "the high priest of high concept." Yet there is more to Crichton than science and big-ticket show biz. He is also, as any reader of his startling memoir Travels knows, a bit of a mystic--he is entirely open to notions spouted by spoon-bending psychics that most science writers would scorn. Sphere is not only a gratifying sci-fi suspense tale; it also reflects Crichton's keen interest in the unexplained powers of the human mind. When something passes through a black hole in Crichton's fiction, a lesson is learned. The book also contains another profound lesson: when you're staring down a giant squid with an eyeball the size of a dinner plate, don't blink first.

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